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ACCESS Health International

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  • Improving Healthcare Through Medical Audits

    ACCESS Health is one of the founders of the Joint Learning Network, an innovative knowledge network for low and middle income countries who are focused on expanding health coverage for all citizens. A group of network members recently formed a Medical Audits Collaborative, with ACCESS Health acting as coordinator. In early September, the Collaborativemet in…

  • ACCESS Health Launches Affordable Excellence Book in China

    ACCESS Health has launched the Chinese language version of Affordable Excellence: The Singapore Healthcare Story. Affordable Excellence demonstrates the possibility of achieving accessible, affordable, and quality heatlhcare for emerging economies. While it tells the story of healthcare in Singapore, its lessons are applicable in China where government has a track record of commitment to improving...

  • Partnering for the Future: TechTemple and ACCESS Health

    ACCESS Health International recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with one of the leading startup incubators in China, TechTemple. The two organizations will be working together closely to improve the healthcare entrepreneur ecosystem in China. Around sixty people attended the event on September 7. ACCESS Health President and Chairman Dr. William Haseltine led a panel discussion…

ACCESS Health International

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  • The 6th US-China Health Summit Features ACCESS Health

    The US-China Health Summit is one of the largest and most important annual gatherings of health care leaders from the world’s two largest economies. Xi’an, China hosted the sixth annual summit earlier this month, with two thousand experts from academia, research, industry, and government in attendance. The summit featured ACCESS Health experts and ideas prominently,…

ACCESS Health International

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  • A Pioneering Effort by Both Mother and Caregiver Pays Dividend

    New milestone for feeding a new born is set at ten minutes This blog is coauthored by Vishal Abhishek, Vivek Gupta and Vikrant Prabhakar of ACCESS Health India. They write about how the Niloufer Hospital demonstrates success through quality improvement. The Niloufer Hospital is part of the Safe Care, Saving Lives program. Breast milk is…

  • Humans of Safe Care, Saving Lives

    This is the eleventh in a series of profiles of the dedicated individuals behind the Safe Care, Saving Lives project. Safe Care, Saving Lives is a quality improvement project to improve neonatal care in the Indian states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. See the previous post in the series. “I was born in a conventional family in Mahbubnagar. Fortunately, my parents…

  • The Evolution of Health Insurance in India

    Allopathic medicine in India dates back to the 1600s when medical officers arrived in India with the British East India Company ship surgeons. After the reigns of the Indian Subcontinent or Erstwhile India were taken over by the Company in 1757, the first medical department was setup in Bengal presidency, present day West Bengal and…

  • Health Technology Assessment in Low and Middle Income Countries: Emerging Technical Area of Interest for Joint Learning

    Universal Health Coverage is mandated by many low and middle countries. Countries in Asia and Africa are launching publicly sponsored health insurance program for covering populations. These countries continue to face challenges in providing adequate benefit coverage due to limited resources which may be due to shrinking fiscal space or global financial crisis. Priority setting…

  • Revolutionizing Primary Healthcare Delivery in Uttar Pradesh

    Today, the government of Uttar Pradesh took a critical step toward strengthening primary healthcare services in the region, launching a call for proposals for a new public-private partnership that could revolutionize local healthcare service delivery. Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India, with some of the country’s poorest health indicators. Residents there face…

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