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  • Q+A with Los Angeles injector Kellie Gater

    Get to know Kellie Gater, our newest (quintessential California-girl / injection-genuis) team-member.   Hi Kellie! Welcome to Philadelphia! 1. It must be quite a change to work in Philly after Beverly Hills, but to begin with, what’s your favorite part in general about working in the aesthetics industry?  I. Love. My. Job. It is such... Read more »

About Face Skin Care (Philadelphia)

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  • About Face Soap Boxing: Doctors Vs. Non-Doctors

    Above anything else, YOU NEED TO BE COMFORTABLE WITH YOUR TREATMENT PROVIDER, and that can be according to WHATEVER unique criteria sets YOUR HEART / BRAIN at ease. For real. But. Perhaps due to all of the horror-stories* that have a way of spreading faster than any happy occurrence — there is a common misconception... Read more »

  • What’s the Deal with this Hyaluronic Acid trip?

    If you’re familiar with Hyaluronic Acid (HA), good for you! It’s one of the more technical, nerdy skincare ingredients, but it’s also one of the most currently buzzed-about topics in the biz’ right now. Is it a mere coincidence that all of the major skincare companies are focusing on this ingredient? (Not exaggerating, SkinCeuticals just... Read more »

  • Kardashian time-lapse video that almost broke our internet

    Sharing this because: 1. It was our most popular Instagram post, EVER. I posted it over the summer, and every-time I looked at Instagram for days afterwards — I was flabbergasted at how many likes and comments there were. Since there was so much interest on the ‘gram, I thought the good people of our... Read more »

About Face Skin Care (Philadelphia)

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  • 11 Rules For the Best Injection Results (Straight from Beverly Hills!)

    Perhaps the header-image is a bad choice, because literally: the majority of injection patients come in saying specifically that they DO NOT want to look like the cast of “Real Housewives”. And yet… isn’t part of you a little curious about what beauty / injection / anti-aging knowledge they have up their couture sleeves? While... Read more »

  • Melody’s About Face Diary: Chemical Peel Three

    Full Disclosure: Melody’s “About Face” Chemical Peel series is sponsored by About Face Skin Care, but the amazing results and my opinions are my own. #melodysaboutface Sadly, my Chemical Peel Journey with About Face Skincare in Philadelphia has come to an end, for now. As a woman of color, I always thought the procedures I could... Read more »

  • New Dermal Filler Options: Refyne and Defyne

    In the world of dermal-fillers, you have probably already heard the names “Restylane” and “Juvederm“… If you’re into this stuff, brace yourself! 2017 has only just begun, and there are already a bunch of new products for you… As of a few weeks ago, there are now a few new funny-sounding names to add to... Read more »

  • One Week to Stock-Up! (Price Increase Starting on 1/30/17)

    Just a friendly FYI: With the new year, the majority of your favorite skincare brands introduced new prices. Although we have tried to hold off any price increases for as long as possible, the ongoing rising cost of goods has reached a level that has begun to compromise our ability to provide you with the level of... Read more »

  • Grooming Messenger “Men’s Dry Winter Skin”

    For more Men’s Beauty information, visit new site GroomingMessenger.com! Man Problem: Dry Winter Skin How Dry Skin Happens: Skin cells are are composed of about 80% water. When the water content of skin cells dips below the 80% thresh-hold, your skin starts to look, feel and function poorly, skin expert Naomi Fenlin of About Face... Read more »

  • 2017 Top 5 Red-Carpet Trends

    The recent slew of Awards Shows proves that: Every celeb has employed a glam squad, because no one can look that good (head to toe) on their own! To work the red carpet amidst all the A-listers in Tinseltown, when you know the paparazzi are going to be in full attendance to capture everything, you... Read more »

  • Vitamin D: Why You Need Sunshine-Pills To Fight Winter Depression

    ICYMI: At About Face Skin Care, we collectively are #HYUUUGE advocates of sun protection. Sunscreen, hats, parasols, SPF-50 clothing, shades, you name it — if it can keep the sun off our skin, we’re all about it. This is great as far as our skin goes; minimal UVA / UVB exposure greatly decreases the risk... Read more »

  • Product of the Month: January 2017

    Along with forcing your hand and brain to process the fact that it is now an entirely new year (2017!!!?!), the month of January also comes with one other predictable struggle: the DRIEST skin of the year. The cold weather, hot water (from showers and face-washing), and moisture-sapping indoor-heat combine to leave your poor epidermis... Read more »

  • St. Ives Apricot Scrub Lawsuit: What You Need to Know

    Chances are HIGH that you’ve probably used St. Ives Apricot Scrub at least once in your life. Perhaps it was your go-to skin exfoliator as a teen, or maybe it was a staple in your shower caddy while you roughed it in the college-dorms. Who knows, maybe you still reach for it when when you’re... Read more »

  • Philadelphia Magazine: Best Moisturizers for Winter Skin

    Looking to bring your dry, dehydrated face back to life? These Philly skin pros have a few suggestions. By Lauren McGrath  |  December 20, 2016 at 1:05 pm With temps swinging from frigid to practically balmy these days, you might notice that your skin isn’t too happy. Changes in the weather combined with radiator heat... Read more »

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