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Customizable + Shareable Alerts, Digests, & Reports

The most intuitive, informative, and easiest ways to activate competitive intelligence throughout your organization

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Find your winning rhythm

Depending on your competitive landscape, business model, and priorities, certain types of intel—acquisitions, for example—need to be prioritized. With Crayon, you can set up customized alerts and stay on top of the developments that matter most. And with the added bonus of a daily digest sent straight to your inbox, you’ll find your competitive cadence in no time.

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Join forces with a Competitive Insights Analyst

Conducting analyses. Creating deliverables. Managing requests. With everything you’ve got on your plate, you can’t afford to spend all your time monitoring incoming intel. To ensure that nothing slips through the cracks, each Crayon customer is paired with a Competitive Insights Analyst—an employee at our HQ who curates data and makes sure you don’t miss out on must-see trends.

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Empower your colleagues to make informed decisions

A piece of intel is only actionable for so long—eventually, there’s either nothing you can do about it or something else to focus on. If you want to compete like you mean it, you and your colleagues need to see and seize opportunities before it’s too late. That’s why Crayon makes it easy to create and share reports on the latest updates and trends across your market.



VP Marketing at HCSS
The ROI of having a pulse on the market is massive. In just 30 minutes a day, I can keep up with my entire market, including competitors, customers, and our own company. If I’m in a competitive market, Crayon will be with me on day one.

It’s time to Compete Like You Mean It.

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