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Actionable Competitive Intelligence at Scale

Arm your sales, marketing, product, and executive leadership teams to win with software-driven competitive intelligence.

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Crayon’s software-driven competitive intelligence platform allows you to capture, analyze, and act on your competitors’ every move



Crayon tracks 100+ data types across hundreds of millions of sources to provide a complete view of your competitors’ movements.



Intelligence layer combines human and artificial intelligence to filter out the noise and surface key signals in an organized, curated view.



Enable sales, marketing, product, and executive teams with real-time, actionable insights to win more deals and drive business impact.

Track a Company’s Entire Digital Footprint

Capture every move your competitors make automatically. Tap into hundreds of millions of competitive intelligence sources to track everything from a pricing change, customer reviews, marketing campaigns, and more. Spend less time researching and more time analyzing and acting on your discoveries.

Learn more about Crayon’s Competitive Intelligence and What We Track.

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Analyze and Identify Market Trends

Surface the signal out of the noise, combining artificial and human intelligence to highlight key updates and trends. Spot and analyze trends, then collaborate with your team to determine what actions to take.

Learn more about Crayon's Competitive Analysis.

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Act on Intel to Drive Strategy and Programs

Drive product strategies, sales enablement programs, marketing campaigns, and more with real-time, actionable competitive intelligence for every employee. Stay one step ahead of your competitors and deliver intelligence to the right teams while it’s fresh.

Learn more about Crayon’s Email Digests and Sales Battlecards.

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Leading companies love Crayon

Rob Bois
Senior Director of Product Marketing at Fuze

"Crayon makes our team more scalable. Given limited time and resources, Crayon enables us to leverage larger scale intelligence and cut through the noise other tools have presented. Crayon also finds additional intelligence we never would have found before."

Michael Greene
Product Marketing Manager at Klaviyo

"I always have Crayon running in the background, providing me with constant competitive updates that I can reference at any moment...Our competitive win rates have increased as much as 59% since rolling out Crayon Battlecards.”

Jill Perney
Marketing Operations Coordinator at AmeriFirst

"Crayon is a must-have for understanding where we are as a business and where we can go. Without Crayon, we wouldn’t have the deep grasp of our industry and competitors down to the details of their marketing investments."

Resources Library


Guide to Competitive Intelligence

With a strong competitive intelligence program, you can provide your marketing, sales, product, and executive teams with a powerful, strategic advantage. Knowing what your competitors are up to will help you beat them every time.

  • Guide to Competitive Intelligence40+ pages
  • Guide to Competitive Intelligence22 insight types with examples
  • Guide to Competitive IntelligenceConcrete, actionable techniques
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Competitive Analysis Template

This 50+ page slide template covers each key business area, tools and tips for gathering and presenting competitive data, and strategies for turning the analysis into an actionable blueprint. The slide template also comes with a bonus spreadsheet template to assist in data analysis and presentation.

  • Competitive Analysis Template50+ editable slides
  • Competitive Analysis Template10+ free tools referenced
  • Competitive Analysis TemplateBonus excel supplement
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7 Sales Battlecard Templates

Competitor battlecards are one of the most popular sales enablement materials businesses create today. Battlecards provide an overview of a competitor's company, products, and services. Most importantly, battlecards provide sales reps with detailed guidelines on how to win a deal against that competitor and can increase competitive deal win rate by as much as 59%!

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2019 State of Competitive Intelligence

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, how are companies getting intelligence on their competitors, customers, and thought leaders? Crayon's State of Competitive Intelligence research report dives into exactly that with data that highlights the best practices, challenges, and opportunities in the field of market and competitive intelligence. 

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What has Crayon discovered about your competition?

Learn more about the intel Crayon has collected on your industry and how you can leverage these insights to drive strategic decisions.

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