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Guide to Competitive Intelligence

Learn how to out-market and out-maneuver your competitors by tracking their every move

Competitive Intelligence Guide

How can you stay ahead of the competition if you don't know what they're doing and where they're going? Are you late to discover when a competitor launches a new marketing strategy or changes a product feature? Are you missing key customer feedback that you could leverage to win against your competitors?

This 43-page guide covers techniques for gaining deep insights about your competitors moves and how to act on them. Every technique can be implemented starting today, without leaving your desk. What are you waiting for? With a strong competitive intelligence program, you can provide your marketing, sales, product, and executive teams with a powerful, strategic advantage. Knowing what your competitors are up to will help you beat them every time.

  • 40+ pages
  • 22 insight types with examples
  • Concrete, actionable techniques

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