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Competitive Tracking Done Right

When automation takes on the burden of gathering and categorizing quality intel, your CI program goes from attainable to sustainable 

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Never get blindsided again

“How did we not see this coming?” is the last question anyone wants to hear from a colleague or an executive. It’s why Crayon helps you track your competitors’ complete digital footprints—both on and off their websites—from social media and news mentions to employee reviews and SEC filings. It’s the biggest, most well-tooled data platform in the competitive intelligence software space—and the number two solution doesn’t come close.

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Time back in your day = Increased ROI

When you pour hours upon hours into gathering and organizing CI data, there’s hardly any time to analyze and act on that intel—keeping you from the efforts that translate to true ROI. That’s why Crayon automatically captures and categorizes insights, tapping into millions of sources across the internet, freeing up your schedule for the more important tasks: equipping your colleagues with the curated deliverables they need to close and retain more business.

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A single source of competitive truth

Of course, intel doesn’t always come from online sources. Oftentimes, the best insights come from the minds of the people with whom you work every day. That’s why Crayon helps you combine software-driven intelligence from your competitors’ digital footprints with human-driven intelligence from the field—captured via Slack, email, Chrome Extension, and any number of other methods—to create a single, centralized source of competitive truth.



VP Marketing at HCSS
Crayon is 10x better than hiring two full time people to do competitive intelligence. In fact, even if you hired a team, there's no way a person could find this level of intel, at scale, in real-time.
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Real-time, actionable intel for every stakeholder group



Capture your competitors’ social media campaigns, analyze their content strategies, and discover key messaging changes.


Sales & Support

Uncover your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, get alerted to pricing & packaging changes, and stay up-to-date on product and team details.



Discover product updates in real time, tap into unfiltered customer feedback, and keep an eye on strategy-revealing hires.



Get a bird’s-eye view of your rivals’ product strategies, monitor their strategic investments, and maintain a real-time understanding of opportunities and threats.

It’s time to Compete Like You Mean It.

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