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Smart, AI-Powered Competitive Analysis Tools

Analyze the sharpest insights using cutting-edge AI and create a sustainable CI program that’s always-on, even when you’re not

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Always find what you’re looking for—with ease

The press release that Competitor X published back in March? The product retirement that Competitor Y tried to sweep under the rug last week? The social post that Competitor Z promoted throughout Q4? Whatever it is you’re looking for, we want you to find it with ease. That’s why Crayon analyzes each and every data point and automatically assigns it to the appropriate categories.

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Leverage insights from your colleagues

Across sales, support, marketing, and product, you have myriad colleagues who regularly interact with prospects and customers—people who possess (and are often willing to share) all sorts of competitive intel. With the help of Crayon’s collaboration tools, you can seamlessly incorporate your colleagues into the conversation, taking your intel to a whole new level and creating a true “culture of competitive intelligence” within your organization.

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Keep your finger on the pulse of the market

How quickly are we shipping product updates in comparison to Competitor A? Has Competitor B ramped up their sales hiring this year? Who earned the most media coverage in Q1? Being able to answer these questions—confidently—is what separates good companies from great companies. That’s why Crayon makes it easy to stay on top of industry trends and create simple, powerful reports.

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Never miss a beat and always win (even when you lose)

With Crayon, you’ll always know the competitors you’re facing most often, the rate at which you’re beating them, and the reasons why you’re beating them—so you can measure your effectiveness and tune your CI program based on actual frontline data.



Senior Director of Product Marketing at Fuze
Crayon makes our team more scalable. Given limited time and resources, Crayon enables us to leverage larger scale intelligence and cut through the noise other tools have presented. Crayon also finds additional intelligence we never would have found before.

Crayon is built to help you cut through the noise


AI-Driven Analysis

Our technology captures your competitors’ movements and determines which data points are actually meaningful—and which ones are negligible.


Algorithms & Rules

Our algorithms highlight the types of data points that are often most notable—product launches, executive team changes, customer review anomalies, etc.—so you never miss a key event.


Machine Learning

Every time you or a colleague interacts with our platform, we learn a bit more about what’s important to your business—and make tweaks accordingly.


Expert Curation

Crayon customers are paired with a Competitive Insights Analyst—an employee at our HQ who adds a human layer on top of our technology and helps you identify key insights and trends.

It’s time to Compete Like You Mean It.

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