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About PSP

PSP win/loss interviewing services and analytic software find out how and why your customers make their competitive decisions and show you the specific, prioritized actions that will help you win more business in the future.

PSP principally serves direct sales enterprise software vendors who specialize in application development and integration infrastructure software as well as industry applications in healthcare, retail, and capital markets. All PSP interviews are conducted by executive-level industry professionals who each draw from 30+ years of career experience in these markets and technologies. We engage decision-makers as peers and get them to talk in detail about all of the critical functional, commercial, and strategic issues at stake.

To minimize bias, all PSP interviews are anonymous, and blind wherever possible. No other win/loss agency conducts interviews in this confidential manner. Blind win/loss interviews are more work for us to do, but because the respondent does not know who has commissioned the research, they are your most objective source of customer feedback.

Conventional win/loss stops with an analysis of what happened in the past. PSP analytics are unique because they can persuasively forecast the revenue impact of competitive changes in the future. PSP turns win/loss into a powerful tool that can shape the priorities of your company.

Deliverables are 1) full verbatim transcripts with an executive summary and analysis of key points raised for each interview; 2) periodic executive analyses of interviews in aggregate that identify the priority actions for marketing, sales, and product to close gaps that cause lost deals; and 3) PSP analytic software that identifies the statistically significant factors causing wins and losses, links to the customer quotes that exemplify those factors, and forecasts the revenue impact of prospective competitive changes on future deals.