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Crayon and Product Marketing Alliance Extend Community Partnership Through 2022

Crayon Continues to Empower Product Marketing Professionals Through Yearlong Partnership

BOSTON, MA, March 2, 2022Crayon, the competitive intelligence backbone for mid-market and enterprise businesses, today announced a yearlong Community Partnership with the Product Marketing Alliance (PMA), an organization dedicated to enabling the success and professional development of product marketers everywhere. 

As a PMA Community Partner, Crayon will connect with the organization’s thousands of dedicated members representing some of the world's biggest brands, such as Hubspot, Microsoft, and Google. This is the second year the company has partnered with the PMA to provide product marketing professionals with education, professional development, and insight through channels including articles, webinars and more.

Notably, Crayon is the exclusive sponsor of the PMA’s new podcast series, Into the Fray: The Competitive Intelligence Podcast, hosted by Erik Mansur, Crayon’s Vice President of Product Marketing. In the brand-new series, Mansur will interview prominent leaders in competitive intelligence on topics ranging from how to effectively measure the ROI of your efforts to effective planning for 2022 to how to create a culture of competitive intelligence. 

Crayon is also the sponsor of the PMA’s Competitive Analysis Slack Channel, with over 4,000 members networking and sharing thought leadership on competitive intelligence. 

“Our platform has become essential among today’s product marketing community, and we’re proud to help this influential group build and maintain their competitive advantages,” said Laura Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, Crayon. “From sponsoring the upcoming Product Marketing Festival, to hosting a new podcast series, we’re thrilled to provide product marketers with the resources they need to excel.”

At the end of 2021, Crayon was named the leader in competitive intelligence for a second year in a row by the PMA Pulse, the official stamp of approval on the very best solutions in the market for product marketers across the globe. PMA’s Top 100 Product Marketing Influencers of 2021 also recognized Crayon’s Erik Mansur as a positive influence on the PMM community, helping pave the way for future PMMs. 

“Without competitive intelligence, product marketers are missing a crucial piece of the puzzle,” noted Richard King, founder of the Product Marketing Alliance. “The knowledge and insight provided by Crayon’s platform allow for businesses to dominate the market with strategy backed by research. We’re excited to enter another yearlong partnership with such an innovative and game-changing organization that shares our future-focused, human-centric approach. Our collaborations this year are something product marketers won’t want to miss.”

About Crayon
Crayon is the competitive intelligence backbone that enables mid-market and enterprise businesses to see and seize opportunities and create sustainable advantages in their markets. Hundreds of organizations use Crayon to capture sharp insights that can be easily accessed and acted on to drive broad, measurable and meaningful impact.

About Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance was founded in 2019 as an organization on a mission to unite product marketers across the globe, all with the shared goal of driving the demand, adoption, and overall success of their products. PMA works to elevate the role of product marketing by offering support and education to those already in the industry, as well as encouraging those who aren’t to make the transition. PMA offers membership plans, Slack community, certified courses, podcasts, articles, awards, templates and frameworks, global summits, on-demand video, in-person meet-ups and a library of industry-leading reports. The collective is home to some of the world’s biggest brands, including Google, Adobe, Shopify, Microsoft, and HubSpot.

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