Crayon and Product Marketing Alliance Announce Yearlong Community Partnership

Crayon is taking on a bigger role in the empowerment of product marketers around the world

BOSTON, April 7, 2021 — Today, Crayon announced a yearlong Community Partnership with the Product Marketing Alliance (PMA), an organization dedicated to enabling the success and professional development of product marketers everywhere. With thousands of dedicated members representing some of the world’s biggest brands, the PMA has made quick and impressive progress towards their ongoing goal of elevating the product marketing discipline.

The announcement comes four months after product marketers crowned Crayon “the undisputed champion of competitive intelligence tools” via the 2020 PMA Pulse

“At Crayon, we have built the competitive intelligence platform of choice amongst product marketers,” shared Laura Taylor, Crayon’s CMO. “We could not be more excited to take this step in our relationship with such a pivotal and vibrant community.”

As a PMA Community Partner, Crayon will connect with and empower product marketing professionals on a deeper level than ever before — through articles, podcasts, webinars, festivals, and more. “As PMA members know, there is never a shortage of trends, innovations, or best practices to discuss,” said Taylor. “Through a variety of media, we will provide a one-of-a-kind perspective that product marketers can leverage as they work to build and maintain competitive advantages in their respective markets.”

Richard King, Founder of the Product Marketing Alliance, also shared his excitement: “Competitive intelligence should be a crucial part of any product marketing strategy because without the knowledge it allows us to access, products and businesses cannot develop to their full potential. That’s why tools like Crayon are so invaluable when it comes to dominating your market. We’re incredibly proud to be partnered with game-changing organizations like Crayon and super excited to be sharing the news of our new Community Partnership. Crayon shares our future-focused, human-centric approach and we can’t wait to be collaborating on a deeper level to elevate product marketing functions around the world even further.”

About Crayon

Crayon is the competitive intelligence backbone that enables mid-market and enterprise businesses to see and seize opportunities and create sustainable advantages in their markets. Hundreds of organizations use Crayon to capture sharp insights that can be easily activated in order to drive broad, measurable, and meaningful impact.

About Product Marketing Alliance

Product Marketing Alliance was founded in 2019 as an organization on a mission to unite product marketers across the globe, all with the shared goal of driving the demand, adoption, and overall success of their products. PMA works to elevate the role of product marketing by offering support and education to those already in the industry, as well as encouraging those who aren’t to make the transition. PMA offers membership plans, Slack community, certified courses, podcasts, articles, awards, templates and frameworks, global summits, on-demand video, in-person meet-ups and a library of industry-leading reports. The collective is home to some of the world’s biggest brands, including Google, Adobe, Shopify, Microsoft, and HubSpot.


Laura Taylor, CMO

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