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Easily activate competitive intel drawn from more than 100 different data types, helping you drive the broadest organizational impact

Track the full breadth of your competitors’ digital footprints


















Go-to-Market Strategy

Track the shifts to your competitors’ broader value proposition

  • Analyze seemingly disparate pieces of intel from across multiple data sources to help anticipate changes to your rivals’ GTM plans.
  • Identify patterns in the way that your competitors talk about themselves—wherever they’re talking about themselves—to reveal key strategic shifts.
  • Weave together loose ends from social posts, content pieces, website changes, and more, to predict your competitors’ plans before they’re fully executed.

Positioning & Web Presence

Track your competitors’ branding & positioning shifts, messaging & copy updates, and page design changes.

  • Preserve your differentiation by catching your competitors’ branding & positioning shifts right away.
  • Discover what your competitors are promoting—and what they’re concealing—by investigating their messaging & copy updates.
  • Learn what does and does not appeal to your audience by keeping up with changes to your competitors’ web page designs.

Product, Pricing, & Packaging

Track your competitors’ product updates, pricing changes, and packaging adjustments. 

  • Maintain a real-time picture of your competitors’ offerings by keeping track of feature additions and removals, release notes, and product launches.
  • Stay on top of pivots in your competitors’ target audiences by catching changes to their pricing.
  • Understand how your competitors deliver value to each segment of the market by analyzing adjustments in their product packages.

News, PR, & Events

Track your competitors’ latest announcements, initiatives, and investments.

  • Sharpen your understanding of your competitors’ positioning by tracking the events they sponsor and the awards they win.
  • Gain insight into your competitors’ product strategies by reading their press releases and monitoring their partnerships and investments.
  • Optimize your earned media strategy by observing the news outlets that regularly cover your industry.

Team & Personnel

Track your competitors’ executive leadership changes, hiring priorities, and employee reviews. 

  • Anticipate strategic shifts by watching who joins—and who leaves—your competitors’ executive leadership teams.
  • Stay up-to-date on your competitors’ priorities by monitoring trends in the roles for which they’re hiring.
  • Get an insider’s perspective on each competitor’s strengths and weaknesses by analyzing their employee reviews.

Reviews & Support Content

Track your competitors’ product reviews, help articles, and forum threads.

  • Capture the voice of the customer by seeing what real users have to say about your competitors’ products.
  • Pinpoint the gaps in your competitors’ support offerings by digging into the contents of their support articles.
  • Get a user’s perspective on each competitor’s product by following along with their customer forum threads.

Content & Social Media

Track your competitors’ written, visual, and social media content.

  • Develop a differentiated content marketing strategy by observing the topics your competitors cover in their blog posts and videos.
  • Spot the topics that your competitors consider most important by keeping tabs on their ebooks and downloadable guides.
  • Maximize the impact of your social media strategy by noting which channels your competitors use and how their posts perform.

Customers & Partners

Track your competitors’ customer bases, case studies, and partnership networks.

  • Capitalize on revenue opportunities by taking note of which logos are removed from your competitors’ websites.
  • Understand your competitors’ product marketing strategies by monitoring which use cases they highlight in their case studies.
  • Identify priorities and gaps in each competitor’s roadmap by watching which partners they add and remove.

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