News Intel

News & Events

Track the latest announcements and investments your competitors are making. See what events they're sponsoring, what awards they're winning, and what coverage they're getting.

  • Read the latest announcements crafted and awards won by your competitors to see how they position themselves.
  • Build your media list based on monitoring which stories get picked up and by whom.
  • See which events your competitors are sponsoring to drive your own event strategy and get insight into their event budget.
  • Find opportunities to create content or engage on social media for events you're not able to attend.


Personnel Intel

Team & Personnel

Get the inside scoop via employee feedback and personnel trends. Identify competitor strengths and weaknesses from employee reviews, key leadership changes, and office openings.

  • See changes to the executive team and key personnel joining or leaving the company.
  • Get alerted to new roles opened and see what they're focused on.
  • Hear what employees have to say and get insight into internal strengths and challenges.


Product Competitive Intel

Product, Pricing & Packaging

Catch any changes to features, pricing, and packaging to drive executive and product strategy. Know when they add, remove, or repackage features and functionality.

  • Get alerted to new product content added, from webpages to datasheets to videos.
  • Don't miss any pricing and packaging changes or tests.
  • See which products and services are scaling up or scaling down.


Discussion Thread Intel

Support Threads & Reviews

Hear what real users think of your competitors' products through third party site reviews. Get insight into product and service gaps by monitoring help articles and forum threads.

  • Hear what customers are saying about a competitor's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Get deeper insight into product functionality and service performance.
  • Identify product and service gaps through help articles and status pages.


Positioning Intel

Positioning & Presence

Stay on top of your competitors' positioning and messaging, both on and off their website. Catch new website sections added, new design and branding launched, and changes to company profiles on third party sites.

  • Catch positioning changes anywhere across the website.
  • Review design changes, whether part of a small conversion test or a big brand refresh.
  • Monitor changes to the company's boilerplate or profile to pull out intel on direction.


Customer and Partner Intel

Customers & Partners

See which customer case studies are getting added or removed, and take note of industry or use case focus. See which partners they're adding or removing to get insight into product strategy and where there may be gaps.

  • See which testimonials and case studies are featured and notice trends.
  • Investigate when a customer is removed from the website.
  • Get insight into product strategy based on partners added or removed.
  • Analyze trends to identify target market focus and company direction.


Content and Social Intel

Content & Social Media

Monitor what your competitors are publishing across the web so that you can create differentiated content and get insights into their target audience and keywords. Social media activity shows you what they're promoting and how, and can surface opportunities for you to participate.

  • Monitor the latest blog posts, videos, ebooks, and more.
  • Identify how to create better performing, differentiated content based on topic and medium threads.
  • See which channels work best for your competitors in promoting their content.
  • Jump into social media discussions about your product and industry.


Marketing Campaign Intel

Conversion Tests & Promotions

Review the latest conversion campaigns and promotions running in your market, even if they're still in testing mode. Get inspiration for differentiated campaigns and take advantage of this insight into marketing strategies.

  • Review the newest landing pages and calls to action published.
  • Check out what A/B tests and promotions are running.
  • Get inspiration for your own marketing campaigns and intelligence on marketing strategy.