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Dropbox + Crayon

How Crayon increased battlecard usage at Dropbox by 400%.

Group 57
Mar 31, 2022 ·
  • Enterprise SaaS
  • Actionable Insights
  • Culture of CI
  • Sales Engagement

San Francisco, CA



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Computer Software

The opportunity

Competitive intelligence at Dropbox was a small part of many people’s jobs, but there was no systemized way to share important insights.  

The activation

Crayon has enabled Dropbox to activate and distribute competitive intelligence across the company: A weekly memo that goes out to the entire company, hundreds of people have opted into an integrated slack channel, and battlecard usage is up 400%. 

“As we formalized our program centrally, we picked up a lot of the existing programs -- battlecards, sales collateral, sales plays -- and started plugging into them, and putting measure to them in ways we hadn’t been able to before.”

Director of Strategy and Operations, Product Marketing at Dropbox

"There’s a momentum. When people around the company know there’s a [competitive intelligence] team, look to them, are tapping into their newsletter channel, are joining their slack channel, are contributing field intel, when you start creating that competitive culture, that community: that’s your success metric."

Director of Strategy and Operations, Product Marketing at Dropbox

"It’s not just about more information -- it’s about the refining and the whittling process. There are a million insights out there. Only some of them are relevant to your business, and only a few of them can lead you to make better decisions."

Director of Strategy and Operations, Product Marketing at Dropbox

Seeing is Believing.

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