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About Anthroware

As the only win/loss provider with 10 years of experience in strategic consulting and product development, we ask the "difficult" questions. We want to understand your organization at its core.

You might be getting some good data from your win/loss program, but is that data actionable?

We think deeply about your data to connect the dots and deliver actionable recommendations for change agents to drive impact across your organization.

The true business value in win/loss and churn analysis is when deeply understood learnings found in interviews can be validated at scale against your market and pipeline using surveys.

  • Interviews help us discover decision-making motivations deeply at an individual client level.
  • Surveys have massively reduced value if you don’t know what information you should be validating.
  • Interviews have massively reduced value if you have no way to confirm the information against your market and pipeline at scale.

Sales, Customer Success, Product Marketing, Product Management, Competitive Intelligence, and RevOps can benefit from win/loss or churn analysis.

We boldly ask tough questions without politics or internal bias, and you get real answers.