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Crayon Announces Integration with Gong to Arm Sales Teams with High-Value Competitive Insights to Secure More Wins

Latest Crayon partnership combines revenue and competitive intelligence to help companies compete more effectively

BOSTON, MA, May 9, 2022 – Crayon, the competitive intelligence backbone of mid-market and enterprise businesses, today announced an integration with Gong, the Reality Platform leveraging artificial intelligence to transform go-to-market teams, that will lead to more knowledgeable, informed sales teams. The integration takes customer interactions about a company’s competitors, captured via Gong’s platform, and directly connects it to Crayon’s sales deliverables, ensuring sales reps have the right competitive information at the right time - leading to more closed deals.

With competition intensifying across industries, it’s crucial that companies ensure valuable competitive intel doesn’t get lost in translation. Throughout the sales cycle, Gong’s Reality Platform surfaces distinct competitive mentions and keywords, signaling Crayon to send the corresponding competitor’s battlecards directly to an account executive’s inbox. This automation gives sales teams the relevant competitive insights needed to follow up faster, with more compelling responses. 

“Gong and Crayon makes my sales reps a part of our competitive intelligence process automatically by putting links to our battlecards in their email inbox every morning,” said Kaitlyn Sawin, Product Marketing Manager, Greenlight Guru. “It’s an always-on, set-it-and-forget-it system that I’m confident is going to help us win more business.”

According to Erica Jenkins, Crayon’s Chief Product Officer: “Product marketers and competitive intelligence professionals dedicate a tremendous amount of time ensuring sales reps are equipped with the most up to date competitive and market intelligence. However, despite these efforts, there’s still friction around adoption and use of these enablement materials. The integration between Crayon and Gong gets competitive intel into an account executive’s hands quickly and easily, drastically improving competitive positioning for reps to level up their game.”

“Knowing right away who you’re competing against in a deal can dramatically change the playbook. And at the end of the day, sales teams that are better informed about the competition win more deals and drive more revenue,” said Eilon Reshef, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Gong. “Integrating Gong with Crayon means companies can now unlock reality with a fuller picture of the competitive landscape.”

This is the first step toward a deeper integration between the two platforms, combining valuable customer interaction insights with the rich digital footprint data that only Crayon can capture. 

The partnership with Gong is the latest addition to Crayon’s growing list of software integrations. From CRM suites to single sign-on systems, Crayon works with dozens of organizations to ensure customers are connected to competitive intelligence regardless of what SaaS platform they use. Through Crayon’s growing integration ecosystem, users can access competitive intelligence however and wherever they need it. For more information, visit

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Crayon is the competitive intelligence backbone that enables mid-market and enterprise businesses to see and seize opportunities and create sustainable advantages in their markets. Hundreds of organizations like HubSpot, ClickUp, Airtable, Mastercard, and more use Crayon to capture insights that can be easily accessed and acted on to drive measurable and meaningful impact.

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