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Crayon Closes Out 2021 With Recognition as the Leader in Competitive Intelligence Software by Top Industry Associations

Industry honors further cement Crayon as a top trusted partner in competitive intelligence, proving it to be the most powerful software solution for building a sustainable business advantage 


BOSTON, MA, January 13, 2022Crayon, the competitive intelligence backbone for mid-market and enterprise businesses, continues to demonstrate excellence and leadership in the competitive intelligence space with recent award wins and accolades from the Product Marketing Alliance and G2. 

For the second year in a row, Crayon has been named the leader in competitive intelligence in the PMA Pulse, the Product Marketing Alliance's official stamp of approval on the very best solutions in the market for product marketers (PMMs) across the globe. Based on the experiences of those within the PMM community, Crayon is recognized as a powerful platform that can help businesses observe and capitalize upon chances to win more deals and retain more customers, turning competitive intelligence into a tool for measurable business growth across entire organizations.  

In addition, Crayon’s Vice President of Product Marketing, Erik Mansur, was named in PMA’s Top 100 Product Marketing Influencers of 2021. He was recognized for being a positive influence on the PMM community and helping pave the way for future PMMs, and his work at Crayon allows him to refine and expand upon his expertise on a daily basis.

Additionally, Crayon has been named a leader in G2’s Competitive Intelligence software category for the seventh straight quarter. G2 compiles its rankings each quarter based on real, unbiased reviews from end-users. Verified G2 users consistently describe Crayon’s competitive intelligence platform in a positive light, finding it powerful, intuitive and valuable for their teams.

“2022 will be the year that competitive intelligence is rightfully recognized as an indispensable part of developing smarter business strategies,” said Jonah Lopin, Founder and CEO at Crayon. “To be recognized as a leader in the competitive intelligence space by preeminent industry organizations is both an honor and a testament to our platform and the work we do to help enterprise and mid-market businesses gain a powerful competitive edge and compete like they mean it.”

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Crayon is the competitive intelligence backbone that enables mid-market and enterprise businesses to see and seize opportunities and create sustainable advantages in their markets. Hundreds of organizations use Crayon to capture sharp insights that can be easily accessed and acted on to drive broad, measurable and meaningful impact.

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