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6 Homepages that Capture Their Target Audience with Unique Imagery

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Emily Dumas on Fri, Aug 2, 2019

When you’re designing your homepage, you want to make sure you’re selling your brand upon first impression, but also not bombarding prospects with too much copy or overwhelming images. Ideally, you want to have messaging that resonates with your target audience, recognizable branding, and images or graphics that tie it all together. Some companies may choose photographs, stock photos, personalized graphics, videos, or product images. In fact, based on our analysis of the top 100 technology companies, 76% used stock photos, 72% feature images of people, 59% feature their products, and 8% feature illustration on their homepage. No matter what imagery a company uses, if it captivates your target site visitor, it’s doing its job. Let’s take a look at six companies who use imagery in unique ways on their homepage.

Product Snapshots 

If a prospect is on your website, it more likely than not means that they are interested in your product. So, what better way to give them a taste of your product than by showing them product images right when they get to your site? A great example of this is CreditKarma, a popular credit score solution. Their header is a collection of product images that show potential users what their software looks like. 

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Credit Karma

Much like CreditKarma, Campaign Monitor, an email marketing campaign software, showcases how visually appealing their emails are. Paired with a large call-to-action (CTA), their product screenshots show prospects what their emails could look like with the help of their software. 

campaign monitor

If you want to show off your product in the form of screenshots, take a lesson from CreditKarma and Campaign Monitor to have your product be a prospect’s first impression. 

Brand-Centric Homepage Graphics 

Using a simple customized graphic on your homepage can be more powerful than you may think. Take LeadGenius for example - they use a simple graphic, using their brand colors, but it tells a story. LeadGenius is a software company that helps businesses increase their inbound ROI. So, their graphic ties together all of those elements - people, social media, analytics, and draws in the site visitors attention right away. 


Another example of unique homepage graphics can be seen on inSided’s homepage, a customer engagement platform. InSided follows a similar design as LeadGenius, incorporating simple designs with brand colors. In addition, they continue to use graphics throughout their homepage and website, beyond just a header image. They tell their brand story as you scroll down the page, using similar graphics that share a common theme. 

If you’re looking for a unique way to tell your product or company story, while incorporating your brand identity, customized homepage graphics are a great idea. 

Images Featuring People 

Using photos of people on your homepage gives your website a human element, something that would be overlooked with graphics or simple text on the homepage. When a prospect goes to your site and sees people using your product or at your organization, they are more likely to feel a connection. For example, SnapSurveys has a group of people on their homepage, seemingly filling out surveys on various devices. This shows site visitors that real people, just like them, use SnapSurvey for their survey needs. And, their product can be used on laptops, tablets, and cellphones - a big win for those people who want their surveys to be accessible on the go! Adding something so simple like a human element can help you begin to build rapport with prospects immediately. 


Dynamic Video 

Video can speak to customers in a way that regular copy cannot. Vertrax, a supply chain management solution, has a brief one minute video on their homepage that gives their elevator pitch in tandem with an original cartoon. This captures site visitors’ attention, while also telling prospects why their solution will help them. vertrax

No matter which visual elements you choose, pairing your homepage copy with unique images will help highlight your brand, product, and can even help differentiate your company over your competitors.

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