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Playbook: Distributing Intel in your Organization

Help Sales, Marketing, HR, and Product Management teams review and act on competitive insights.

Distributing Competitive Intelligence in your Organization

One of the biggest challenges with making use of competitive intelligence is distributing that intel to the relevant stakeholders within your organization.

The teams who are most successful at distributing intel have identified relevant communication channels, established a regular cadence for distribution, and, of course, crafted value-packed CI updates.

In this guide, we highlight how to share competitive intelligence for use across Sales, Marketing, HR, and Product Management. We discuss which types of intel to gather for each team and share templates to get you started.

Download the playbook today to become the trusted authority on CI at your company now.

  • In-depth analysis of 18 insight types
  • 4 visual examples
  • 5 sample reports to inspire your next CI project

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