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About Rauch Associates, Inc

Founded in 1994, Rauch Associates is a leading provider of competitive intelligence research, specializing in gathering competitor information in sophisticated B2B environments. We have over twenty-five years of experience and expertise in delivering quality, custom primary research to our clients, including studies on competitor sales & marketing strategy, benchmarking of competitor operations, pricing and much more.

Our clients include some of the global industry's leading companies working within these verticals:

  • Software Development, Cloud, Mobile, Embedded, Data Security
  • Computer Networking & Network Security
  • IT Software Development, Services & Consulting, Operations & Maintenance
  • Wireless, Internet, Telecommunications
  • Manufacturing (Medical Equipment/Electronics/Industrial)
  • Financial & Insurance Services

Complimentary to the array of research tools and resources your organisation uses, our custom studies are initiated by specific client requests. Our analysis approach is to speak directly to the target competitors to collect custom information regarding their public position on their products and services, the hard-to-find within the general public domain competitor information.

Our research is conducted in real-time and directed by specific client needs. Using pre-sales inquiries, our expert analyst teams collect information directly from client competitors to ensure that only the most accurate and actionable information is included in our reports. Speaking to the target competitors offers several advantages over simply interviewing customers, industry analysts and industry executives since the intelligence that our clients need is not attainable through interviews or secondary online research resources.

We have delivered competitor studies spanning multiple industry sectors, and for quick reference, some of the project types that our clients have found most useful are summarised below:

  • Go-to-Market Strategy
  • Pricing Analyses Product
  • Features & Weaknesses
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Professional Consulting & Services
  • Organisational Structure & Expenditure Benchmarking
  • Staffing & Delivery Models
  • Battle Cards & Sales Guides
  • Channel Alliances & Partners Programs
  • Market Sizing
  • Total Cost of Ownership
  • Customer Surveys