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Rauland AMETEK proactively enables sales to win deals and
saves hundreds of hours in the process.

Group 57
Mar 16, 2022 ·
  • Manufacturing
  • Actionable Insights
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Sales Engagement

Berwyn, PA



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In a single deal enabled by Crayon


Annual hours of analyst time saved 

The opportunity

Ametek had launched new products that put them into a newly competitive landscape, and distributors weren’t able to access key information when trying to close competitive deals.

The activation

Crayon was able to automate the intelligence-gathering process, while ensuring that the most important information was programmatically distributed to those in the field. Not only did this ensure the sales team was able to compete more effectively, it also freed up time for long-term strategic planning and analysis.

"A competitive intelligence person's worst nightmare is failure of communication. It happens whenever somebody in the organization, usually a salesperson or manager, sends you an email and says, ‘Hey, send me everything you've got on this competitor.’ That means that you haven't communicated to them where they can go to get the critical information."

Market Analytics & Intelligence Manager at Rauland AMETEK

"We can now proactively provide our distributors with the intelligence and guidance they need when coming up against competitors in hospital bid situations."

Market Analytics & Intelligence Manager at Rauland AMETEK

“Crayon saves me a lot of time in enabling our team with actionable competitive intelligence, providing our distributors with always up-to-date battlecards available when and where they need it. It’s no longer a fire drill to get our distributors the competitive intel they need.”

Market Analytics & Intelligence Manager at Rauland AMETEK

Seeing is Believing.

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