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Get complete competitive insights to drive your marketing and product strategy.

In this live demo, you will see how Crayon:

  • Provides strategic insights and inspiration for businesses through a suite of market and company intelligence tools

  • Gathers a complete picture of each company in your market

  • Stays on top of the latest content across company websites, social media accounts, and news publications

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Track, analyze, and act on everything 


Complete Intel

Get 360 degree view of your market by monitoring your competitors' complete digital footprint. Get 100+ different types of intel, categorized and prioritized in an easy to navigate platform.

Research at Scale

Get 10x more data in 10x less time with Crayon's software automation. Spend more time on analysis instead of research. Tap into 300m+ sources and pages tracked.

Signal, Not Noise

Focus on the highest priority updates. Easily filter by category, company, keyword, date, and more. Save favorite views to monitor trends and partner with an analyst to call out trends weekly.

Competitive Intelligence from 300m+ Sources

Crayon captures a complete picture of a company's digital footprint, and tracks updates over time. When you track a company with Crayon, you have a complete, detailed set of intel that helps you make the best decisions and take action.


“By staying on top of the competitors, we’ve been able to arm our sales team with actionable insights that they can act on immediately. As a result of Crayon, our win rate against our top five biggest competitors has improved by 54%.”

- Jake Godgart, Senior Manager of Product Marketing


"Crayon is 10x better than hiring two full time people to do competitive intelligence. In fact, even if you hired a team, there’s no way a person could find this level of broad intel, at scale, in real-time."

- Dan Briscoe, VP Marketing


 "Given limited time and resources, Crayon enables us to leverage larger scale intelligence and cut through the noise other tools have presented. Crayon also finds additional intelligence we never would have found before."

- Rob Bois, Senior Director of Product Marketing

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