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Share your expertise in competitive intelligence, product marketing, sales enablement, and more. Elevate your personal brand and sign up for thought leadership opportunities today.

The Crayon Customer Thought Leadership Program aims to elevate the reputation of our star customers by showcasing their expertise in articles, speaking opportunities, and more.

Opportunities include:

  • Quotes for content - Submit quotes or answer short interview questions for blog posts, ebooks, or presentations. 
  • Guest blogging - Contribute to the Crayon blog with a unique article of your own. 
  • Case study or story - Share your success with Crayon or CI in a case study or example story that explains your use cases. 
  • Co-marketing campaign - Have a similar audience and complementary product? Partner with Crayon on a campaign to be co-promoted by both parties.
  • Speaking opportunities (digital - webinars) - Join a Crayon webinar as a speaker to share expertise or case studies.
  • Speaking opportunities (live - events) - Interested in speaking at marketing or CI events? Sign up to get solo, panel, or co-presented speaking opportunities.
Sign up here, and feel free to revisit this page and resubmit if your preferences change in the future. 

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