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On-Demand Crayon & Eigenworks Webinar:

Why We Win (or Lose): Powering Your Competitive Intelligence Program with Win/Loss Analysis

Whether your sales team is winning or losing deals, you can't improve performance and win rates unless you understand why. But how to do you get to the core of the why? What steps do you need to take to get a full picture of sales performance?

Join Crayon and Eigenworks to learn how you can integrate win/loss analysis into your competitive intelligence program to improve messaging, inform product & marketing strategies, and increase competitive win rates.

Join us and learn:

  • The core components of an effective win/loss analysis
  • How to integrate and scale win/loss analysis into your day-to-day competitive intelligence program
  • How to make the lessons of win/loss analysis “stick” with your sales team year-round

60 minutes including Q&A


Ellie Mirman, CMO of Crayon 

ellie-mirman.aeab6b6ebb1dEllie Mirman is CMO at Crayon, the market and competitive intelligence company that provides strategic insights and inspiration for marketers. Prior to Crayon, she was VP Marketing at Toast, where she built and led the marketing function across demand gen, content marketing, product marketing, branding, and customer advocacy. Previously, she held multiple marketing leadership positions at HubSpot during its growth from 100 customers to IPO. 

Alex McDonnell, Client Insight Lead at Eigenworks

Alex McDonnell

Alex McDonnell is a market intelligence leader, helping companies create customer-obsessed, competitor-aware intelligence programs. At Eigenworks, Alex interviews B2B buyers to understand the true story behind their purchase decisions. Prior to that, Alex led competitive intelligence at D2L, an online learning company, where he used market insights to shape product roadmap, marketing strategies, and sales tactics.

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