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Competitive Intelligence 2019 Planning Kit

Get a kit of competitive intelligence resources to start 2019 with a strong competitive edge.

How are you going to beat the competition in 2019? 

Download the 2019 Competitive Intelligence Kit to put together winning strategies for your marketing, product, and sales teams. 

Kit includes:

  • 40+ Page Guide to competitive intelligence to teach you how to out-market your competition 
  • Report of the largest study on the latest trends, best practices, and challenges in market and competitive intelligence
  • 25+ Page Guide to enhancing your product marketing strategy with competitive intelligence 
  • Competitive Analysis Template to analyze your competitive landscape and find opportunities to win in your market
  • On-demand Webinar: How to Win in 2019 with Competitive Intelligence 

Download and use these resources to kick-off your competitive intelligence initiative in 2019 and give your team the competitive edge they need to win more deals!