UNIGLOBE Travel (South Asia)

UNIGLOBE Travel (South Asia)

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  • Into the Future of Business Travel

    As the new year opens a world of possibilities, UNIGLOBE experts toy with the possibilities with technology in the not so distant future of business travel. The assertion that the world is becoming a smaller place has never been more apt. Thanks to technology travel the world is becoming more seamless, more connected and more […]

  • Beyond the Year of the Weekender

    Holiday habits are changing and so are trends defining travel. Brace for even more weekends away, quirkier hotels and getting more out of each trip in 2017. Read on as UNIGLOBE experts bring you a compilation of top trends that will set the tone for your travel this year! Customised experiences Be it unique concierge […]

  • When carrier loses bag, insurance picks up slack

    After an endless wait at the baggage carousel, the steady flow of bags onto the conveyor belt slows to a trickle, then stops. Your bags are nowhere in sight. Sounds familiar? With more than 20 million bags mishandled the world over, you may not always be able to escape from the perils of delayed or […]

  • To RFP or not?

    Preparing to roll out an airline RFP or still wondering whether or not to put your flights out to a full airline tender? To help you make the most appropriate choice for your business and its travellers, UNIGLOBE Travel experts nail down the key factors to consider. Read on! 1.Travel spend Has your flight spend […]

UNIGLOBE Travel (South Asia)

Category: Content
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  • Catch the Top 5 trends that will rule Business Travel in 2017

    It’s always good to stay ahead of trends. More so, if these trends are set to rule one of the most significant factors impacting your bottom line – Business Travel. In this article, our UNIGLOBE experts bring you the trend forecast for 2017. Read on and align your travel strategy with these top trends and […]

  • Managing an Efficient Travel Program with limited resources in 2017

    Across industries, employees are being asked to do more with less. In a dynamic environment, how does your travel program run smoothly when head count is at a premium? In this article, UNIGLOBE experts address the million dollar question. Read on and get set to do more with less in 2017. When resources are stretched […]

  • 2017 – Travel only gets smarter from here!

    Hyper connectivity, artificial intelligence and digital technology are not just big words relevant for Sci-Fi movies alone. These are also transforming the way you travel in 2017 and beyond – for better! Catch a preview in this article from UNIGLOBE experts. The latest digital technology will eventually make your business and leisure trips a lot […]

  • 5 Ways to put Experience First in your Travel Policy

    Many organizations see their travel policy as a tool of enforcement, ready and waiting to crack down on those big spenders who are wasting the company’s money. Over recent years, we are seeing a shift that places increasing levels of emphasis on the traveller experience and being considerate and respectful of the time they are […]

  • Keeping matters strictly confidential!

    The mere thought of your sensitive personal information falling into the wrong hands is enough to trigger nightmares. Which is why, at UNIGLOBE, safeguarding the data you entrust us with in order to support your travel needs, is top priority. This article from UNIGLOBE experts should save you from losing sleep over any apprehensions with […]

  • ‘ Ok to Board ‘ your flight to UAE?

    If a trip to the UAE is on the cards for you, you must know all about ‘Ok to Board’ or OTB. This is especially applicable if your visa is being sponsored or issued in the UAE. Read on as our UNIGLOBE experts cover all you need to know about OTB – from the what, […]

  • No Network? Go Offline!

    As annoying as a no network scenario might be, it is often unavoidable, especially when you are travelling. Ironically, it is while travelling that you’re in most dire need of some your smartphone apps. For situations where even the best smartphone apps fail you for the lack of an internet connection, our UNIGLOBE experts bring […]

  • 11th Annual UNIGLOBE Travel Regional Conference shapes the ‘Masters of Change’

    Hyderabad, 16-18 September: Over 300 UNIGLOBE professionals joined leading travel suppliers in Hyderabad for education and recognition of top performers in client service. Travelers will now benefit from exclusive “insider knowledge” of travel products and tools and enhanced “job-specific” skills that result in superior service capabilities. Themed ‘Master the Change’, the 11th Annual UNIGLOBE Reg...

  • Take it Slow!

    We all yearn for an escape from the frantic pace of our lives. To help you with your quest for an escape, our UNIGLOBE experts introduce you to the upcoming trend of ‘slow travel’. Right from the what, the why, the where and the how, this article is packed with all the information you need […]

  • See through the hidden charges!

    Exorbitant taxes and telephone charges – these are just a few of the pesky fees that hotels are tacking onto your bills. Here are some of the most common hidden charges that sneak their way into your bills and take you by surprise (read shock). To keep these shockers at bay, ensure that you always […]

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