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  • America vs. China – Trade Deal Disagreement?

    Trade deal agreements seem to be the most talked about topic globally. There are several countries which are reviewing their current trade deals. It was recently announced by Theresa May that Britain will no longer have access to the Single Market. The need for a free trade deal is crucial. Before the speech, Donald Trump offered the possibility of a quick and fair trade deal between the UK and th...

  • St. Valentine’s Day – From the Beginning

    Many of us celebrate Valentine’s Day as a day of love and showing affection to our loved ones. It is celebrated every year on February 14th. However, St. Valentine’s Day is actually the feast day of St. Valentine.  The annual holiday honours various saints named Valentine. In spite of this, there are many different stories about how the origin of St. Valentine’s Day came to be a day of love and ro...

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  • Chinese New Year 2017 – Year Of The Rooster

    The Chinese New Year is celebrated on the first new moon of the year. Unlike the western New Year, Chinese New Year is celebrated on different dates each year. The festive period usually falls between the 21st Jan to the 20th Feb and the celebrations last for 15 days. This year the celebrations will begin on Saturday 28th January 2017. Mythology According to tales and legends, the Chinese New Year...

  • Brexit Update – What We Know

    On June 23rd 2016, 51.9% of Britain voted to leave the European Union. Ever since then the word ‘Brexit’ has been all over the news. This led to David Cameron stepping down as Prime Minister and Theresa May stepping in. It was initially stated Article 50 will be triggered in March this year. However, due to complications, it is unknown when the process will begin. Triggering of Article 50 Article ...

  • Will Trump’s Inauguration affect gold prices?

    We are now only days away from Donald Trump’s inauguration. Since he won the election in November 2016 we have seen gold prices rise and fall with Trump’s every move. This week we saw the first press conference held since he won the election. The man has had such an influence on America already and it has only been 2 months since he was elected. He is featured daily in the news. He is a man who is...

  • New Bullion for 2017

     2017 brings many new designs and special features to well-loved products. Royal Mint Britannias in both Gold and Silver now have a modern ‘sunburst’ design to the reverse and the iconic Sovereign bears a celebratory privy mark to commemorate 200 years since it was first produced in 1817. The Chinese Year of The Rooster is also a popular theme for bullion this year with stunning designs from Perth...

  • 200th Birthday of the Gold Sovereign

    A brief history The original sovereign, or  the English gold sovereign, was first introduced in 1489 during King Henry VII’s reign and was the biggest coin being minted at that time. The first sovereign originally featured the king in full coronation regalia. The reverse side depicting the royal arms crowned and superimposed on a double rose to signify the union of York and Lancaster after the War...

  • Can the 2017 gold prices be predicted?

    During all the doom and gloom we have recently faced, gold prices have again spiked during big political events. In 2016 we saw the United Kingdom begin the lengthy process of leaving the European Union. In America, quite arguably one of the most influential countries in the world, we saw the election of a controversial new president. In India, we saw drastic currency reforms and new Sharia Laws w...

  • US Federal Reserve increase interest rate

    A long time coming. After a year of anticipation, Federal Reserve chairwoman Janet Yellen has finally announced an interest rate increase. After 7 years of being 0% or as close to 0% as possible, the US saw interest rates increased for the first time in 2015. With this being only the second time the rates have increased since 2008, after the financial crisis, it has been noted that the rates may b...

  • Gift of Giving – Three Wise Men

    With Christmas drawing closer… It is the month of December when one of the most popular times of the year is celebrated. The festive holiday that is Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ which falls annually on the 25th December. Most commonly celebrated by Christians, there are many ways in which the festive period is celebrated. As many of you may know the Christmas season for most cult...

  • Diwali – The Festival of Light Explained.

    Diwali – The Festival of Light Explained by UKBullion: The festival of Diwali is a major celebration for a large part of the Asian community in the UK who have maintained their culture and traditions whilst living away from their historic homelands. Due to the significant numbers of emigrant populations in countries around the world the celebration of Diwali is not limited only to Asia and as foll...

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