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  • New Features and Updates

    We do a ton of behind-the-scene work to ensure that you have the best possible user experience with uConnect. Check out what we've been up to lately..

  • Engaging Millennials in Career Education - An Updated Take

    This video is a must watch for anyone working with, coaching, parenting or just plain interested in Millennials.       When talking to schools, our Founder often says “your ability to serve your students is predicated on your ability to effectively communicate with them.” Today’s students communicate in fundamentally different ways than their non-millennial predecessors. They ...

  • The Intern Experience - uConnect Edition

    I’ve been with uConnect for over a year now. Watching the company change has been illuminating and exciting, and having my own responsibilities evolve has been an extraordinary advantage.

  • Back to Basics

    Every Sunday (okay, sometimes Monday if it's a three-day weekend) we review and send all of our partner schools a 'Weekly Usage Update'. While users can always find these stats in their uConnect admin dashboard, we email clients key datapoints so they can better understand how their community is engaging with their career resources. In doing this, we hope to support clients in reaching...

  • Two Things...

    There are more online resources, third-party apps, and services for career centers than ever. Your career center probably has a library of fantastic online resources scattered across various websites, portals and apps, which means they're most likely hard to find and potentially underutilized. Adding more resources might even confuse your audience base and set you up to compete with y...

  • The Super Client

    All clients provide value, but there are some, the 'super client' who change the way we do business for the better. Finding those super clients isn't as straightforward as it might seem, they might be the ones quietly and consistently using your product, and other times, they’re the ones pushing your support team to the limits with custom requests. For an early stage start-up, identif...

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