Solatube International is the manufacturer of Solatube Daylighting Systems, a type of tubular daylighting device. The company, originally located in Australia, invented tubular daylighting devices, which are used to harvest daylight through a dome at the roof and transfer it down a reflective tube through a diffuser in the ceiling.


Solatube International, Inc.

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Solatube International, Inc.

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  • Solatube now offers convenient NightLighting

    See how Solatube's new NightLighting feature not only brings convenient nightlighting to your home, but also saves you 30% on your purchase and installation.

  • The best things in life are revealed in natural light

    Find out how Solatube brings the outside in with our unique Capture, Transfer and Deliver technology.

  • Solatube-Bells Brewery Video Case Study

    See how Solatube Daylighting Systems have helped Bells Brewery brighten their facility and save money.

  • Beautiful and Comforting Light

    Who could have thought that such a cataclysmic journey of energy and light over 90 million miles could become so beautiful and comforting in the last few feet? We could. Solatube. Innovation in Daylighting. Learn more at

  • R U Round or Square?

    Here at Solatube, we really want to know, so we asked: Are you round or square?

  • Solatube Daylighting Systems: How they work

    Solatube Daylighting systems use proprietary technology to brighten your home with natural daylight. Installation takes only about 2 hours and no structural modifications are made to your home. Call your local Premier Dealer to get a free in-home consultation.

  • See the Solatube SkyVault Daylight Dimmer in action

    Solatube SkyVault Systems now have a new 0-10v Daylight Dimmer. Control the daylight in large spaces with the new SkyVault Daylight Dimmer.

  • What could you use a Solatube SkyVault Dimmer for?

    There are so many uses for the new Solatube SkyVault Daylight Dimmer. These are just a few of the possible scenarios.

  • Solatube SkyVault Series: Big Tubes for Big Spaces

    See how the Solatube SkyVault daylighting system brings bright, natural daylight to the largest spaces like convention centers, gymnasiums, cafetoriums, warehouses and manufacturing facilities and more.

  • An Architects Perspective

    Noted architect, Rick D’Amato, brings in natural light with Solatube Systems, including in his own home.

  • Solatube Perspectives in Design

    See how noted Architect Rick D'Amato of LPA Architects incorporates natural daylight into his projects.

  • Solatube Designing with Daylight

    See how noted architect Rick D'Amato uses natural daylight to help transform spaces.

  • Solatube On The 78 Corridor

    Solatube International is part of Innovate 78, on the 78 Corridor in Vista, Ca

  • Solatube SkyVault Series Overview

    Patented Spectralight Infinity, LightTracker, and Raybender HD technologies, combined with modular design, optimize the SkyVault Series to efficiently daylight large spaces.

  • Solatube Customer Reaction

    We build our products to effectively capture the sun’s rays and pipe them into your home without the solar heat. Because installation can usually be done in about two hours without any structural changes it's the fastest and simplest solution to a more beautiful naturally lit home. For more information, feel free to locate one of our certified dealers near you:

Solatube International, Inc.

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