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  • HouseBeautiful Recommends ADA Toothbrush Storage Guidelines.

    HouseBeautiful (9/19, Piro) included storing a toothbrush in the medicine cabinet among its list of “common bathroom mistakes.” Storing a toothbrush in a cabinet or container may prevent it from drying between uses, “creating a welcome environment for bacteria.” The article notes “the American Dental Association recommends storing toothbrushes in an upright position, and not touching […]The post <...

  • Skipping Regular Dental Visits May Affect Oral Health

    The Independent (UK) (9/20, Gander) states that people who skip regular dental visits “could suffer rapid deterioration of their oral health.” The article states that in addition to looking for tooth decay, “dentists also check for mouth cancer and other ailments, which could potentially save a person’s life.” A UK dentist provides a breakdown of how lack […]The post <a rel="nofollow" href="http:/...

  • Insurers With High Enrollment Numbers May Be Given Leniency Regarding Consumer Complaints

    Modern Healthcare (9/21, Herman, Subscription Publication) reports that in a recent memo, CMS stated insurance companies which offer Affordable Care Act plans through, the Federal government’s marketplace, “may not face ‘enforcement remedies’ in 2017 if they fail to follow all of the rules around consumer complaints.” Several large insurers have exited ACA marketplaces, and the […]T...

  • Dentist Encourages Mindful Dentistry

    The New York Times (9/21, Gelles, Subscription Publication) states that “everyone should be brushing their teeth twice a day, bookending the day,” says Dr. Fern White, a dentist in Australia who practices mindful dentistry. “If you do so mindfully, you can also be ‘brushing your brain.’” The article shares an approach for mindful brushing, including breathing and […]The post <a rel="nofollow" href...

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