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  • Do You Trust Your Insurance Claims Specialist?

    There are many reasons why you should choose an independent insurance agency, but claims support may just be the most important. This is especially true here in the Hudson Valley region, where homeowners, drivers, and business owners turn to their local independent insurance professionals to handle the protection of their assets. Enter, Linda Decker. Linda, […] The post Do You Trust Your Insurance...

  • Prevent a Valentine’s Day Disaster

    Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Well, for some, it’s Ugh, Mom Keeps Calling to “Check in” Day; or Chocolate Sale at Rite Aid Eve. For others, it’s Raised Expectations Day, and seeing the look on a loved one’s face after presenting that perfect piece of jewelry (that may or may not have been hinted at in […] The post Prevent a Valentine’s Day Disaster appeared first on Seely & Durland Insurance.

Seely & Durland, Inc.

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  • OSHA Issuing New Workplace Safety Rules

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently published new rules on injury and illness reporting that will impact many businesses across the country. In order to help prevent work-related injuries and illnesses, OSHA has for decades required employers to keep track of their workers’ injuries and illnesses by recording them in what is often called […] The post OSHA Issuing New ...

  • Tammy Artusa Earns CIC Designation

    Warwick, NY — The designation of Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) has been conferred upon Tammy Artusa, Client Relations Professional Supervisor at Seely & Durland Insurance, following her successful completion of an intensive multi-year insurance education program sponsored by the Society of Certified Insurance Counselors. By earning and maintaining the CIC designation, Tammy has demonstrated ...

  • Is Your Car Ready for Winter?

    Cold and stormy weather introduces many challenges to our everyday lives – one of which is keeping our cars and trucks operating efficiently and safely. Forecasters are expecting northeastern U.S. to harbor frequent storms and above-average snowfall this winter. They also report that temperatures in the northeast will average 3-5 degrees Fahrenheit lower than last […] The post Is Your Car Ready fo...

  • A Special Holiday Project for Children in Need

    The Warwick Lions Club, along with Warwick Valley Rotary Club, Chosun Taekwondo Academy, Glenn and Susan Dickes, the Backpack Snack Attack Program, the Warwick Reformed Church, and several other local businesses and individuals are sponsoring a holiday party for local children in need. Kids will be treated to a meal, games with prizes, a Santa photo, and […] The post A Special Holiday Project for ...

  • Staying Safe This Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is a day to enjoy a peaceful, happy get-together with family and friends. Besides the occasional dispute with an in-law or the inevitable family symposium on the U.S. election sure to take place in every home, there is little to worry about on Thursday. Right? You may be surprised to hear that Thanksgiving is […] The post Staying Safe This Thanksgiving appeared first on Seely & Durlan...

  • Seely & Durland Insurance in “Best Practices” Study

    Seely & Durland Insurance has been selected to participate in the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America (IIABA) “Best Practices” study group. Each year since 1993, IIABA and Reagan Consulting, a management consulting firm, have studied agencies selected through a comprehensive nomination and qualifying process and awarded a “best practices agency” designation. More than 1,800 […] The p...

  • BUCK-le Up for Deer Season

    Let’s face it – if you live in the Hudson Valley area, your true neighbors are probably the infamous white-tailed deer. Prying their faces through the garden fence for a quick appetizer before devouring shrubs and flowers along the walkway for dinner, they are everywhere and their appetites seemingly boundless. Sadly, our noisy neighbors become […] The post BUCK-le Up for Deer Season appeared firs...

  • Let’s Chat

    We would like to remind our clients that online support is available via live chats. There were several reasons we expanded our support offerings to include online chat when we launched our new website last year, but the driving force was our desire to provide the very best service and experience for our customers. We are […] The post Let’s Chat appeared first on Seely & Durland Insurance.

  • Library at Your Door

    Albert Wisner Public Library, the 2016 “Best Small Library in America,” has announced a new program, Library at Your Door, a delivery service for the homebound. Once a week, volunteers will pick up and deliver library items to patrons temporarily or permanently unable to travel. Upon registering for the program, patrons can specify particular authors, […] The post Library at Your Door appeared fir...

  • An Insurance To-Do List for 2017

    Insurance serves as a financial safety net during the twists and turns that life has in store for us. However, that doesn’t mean we should ignore it when things are going as planned. Before settling in for the New Year, recall the ways you can better protect your financial well-being and avoid common insurance claims. […] The post An Insurance To-Do List for 2017 appeared first on Seely & Durland ...

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