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  • Social Media in the Classroom; Friend or Foe?

    For teachers, bringing technology and social media into the classroom can be daunting at first, especially if it is new to the teacher themselves, or the school. But, introducing the latest tools and technologies does not have to be frightening. With a little practice, social media can be a great ally to both the educator’s…

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  • How Technology is Changing Education

    Over 50 years ago, Bob Dylan said “the times they are a’changin,” and oh how right he was. The educational landscape that today’s students are experiencing is drastically different from the classrooms we knew as students. But, in this case, change is not necessarily a bad thing. Emerging technology is giving students a path to…

  • Funding your Technological Classroom

    There are innumerable options for receiving funds to help outfit classrooms with the latest educational technology. The education technology professionals at suggest ways to take advantage of these options and enhance your students’ classroom experience. Technology can go a long way to encouraging student learning, creativity, and information retention. As such, education through te...

  • Talking Through the Problems

    The education technology advisors at suggest strategies for encouraging your students to work through math problems by engaging with them in non-traditional ways. Tables, charts, lists of equations, and pages upon pages of numbers. These words describe the memories many adults have of their mathematics classes. For some, the traditional methods of math instruction…

  • TI Innovator Moves Microcomputing Forward

    The education technology experts at explain the functions and capabilities of TI’s newest product, created to continue incorporating STEM initiatives into classrooms. Joining a series of new programming and STEM-oriented classroom tools, the TI Innovator promises to provide middle and high school students with authentic hands-on coding and engineering experiences. The hardware is a…

  • Incorporating Technology into Your Classroom: A How-To

    The math education professionals at explain the importance of using technology for education, and suggest easy ways for teachers to incorporate them. Digital technology is becoming an increasingly important part of our world. Students, in particular, often utilize computers and the internet to supplement at-home learning in addition to engaging in other non-educational uses.…

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