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  • How Many Hats You Have To Wear As Sales Manager

    Sales Manager is responsible for driving sales and sales team. Being a manager, he stands responsible for the success and failure of the sales department. He should be an inspiration for his team to be productive and successful to achieve targets. He is responsible for Training his team for best results and develop executive’s negotiation skills. […] The post How Many Hats You Have To Wear As Sale...

  • 5 Ways for Sales People to Make the Sale

    Sales Management and selling is not easy. Successful sales people focus on maintaining relationship and closing sale. Selling is not only about closing prospects; it is also about building a relationship with the client. Timely and accurate information is the key to success. Sales people should manage their time efficiently. 1) Never Loose Passion: Passion is […] The post 5 Ways for Sales People t...

  • Five Sales Team Development Tricks

    It is important to focus on right strategies to develop your sales team. High performance sales team is essential for any business. All the sales people should know about their roles and responsibilities. To be successful they need resources, effective sales leadership, training and sales process management systems. 1) Effective Hiring You should recruit people […] The post Five Sales Team Develop...

SalesBabu CRM

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  • Why CRM Software?

    SalesBabu Online CRM Solution records and monitors each activity of a sales team. Manages all details related to leads, measures abandonment and close rate. Guides your sales team to adopt a focused approach to achieve sales target. Can register date wise sales, region, sales details of products to never miss an opportunity. Sales Force Automation […] The post Why CRM Software? appeared first on S...

  • 5 Ways to Decrease Costs at Your Small Business

    It has become a challenge for every business to reduce cost of their business without compromising quality of services rendered to their customers. The company which smartly combine technology and manpower, get enable in taking decision in adapting new improved methods to reduce the cost of business; will defiantly generate a win-win situation by decreasing the […] The post 5 Ways to Decrease Cost...

  • Stages of the Sales Cycle

    No matter what you’re selling, every sale follows roughly the same pattern. It’s a rare sale that doesn’t include each of these steps in one form or another. Often salespeople don’t think of certain stages as being different events – for example, qualifying often happens as part of the cold call, the sales presentation or both […] The post Stages of the Sales Cycle appeared first on SalesBabu Busi...

  • Top three things customers want

    Good Customer service is an essential strength for any company. Always give customers what they want not what you think it is required for them. One can win loyalty with better customer service. To get a better understanding of customer do customer surveys and record the customer data. Meet customer needs and satisfy them with […] The post Top three things customers want appeared first on SalesBab...

  • How CRM Grow Your Business?

    In this fast pace life it is hectic and time consuming to manually maintain the record of all business activities. CRM Software not only saves this time but it helps you to manage your business professionally. CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management, which is the most important part because customer satisfaction determines the success or […] The post How CRM Grow Your Business? appeared fi...

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