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  • Securing America - The U.S. Presidential Debate

    Monday night Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump sparred in the first of three presidential debates.  Many topics were discussed, but the moderator in particular brought up one topic that is of the utmost importance – Securing America.

  • Yahoo! Largest Cyber Attack of All Time

    Yahoo was the latest victim to cyber crime - it is the largest cyber attack of all time, with 500 million accounts compromised by what appears to be a state-sponsored actor.  Yahoo made the announcement late last week that the event occurred in 2014 and has found no evidence that the malicious actor is still in their network.

  • Trust No One: How to Secure File Uploads from Customers

    For a lot of companies, file upload is one of the main methods for doing business with the public. As an example, let’s say that you’re customer doing business with a health insurance agency, and they’d like some records from you. Unless there’s a problem with your application, you’re not likely to ever communicate with a specific agent.

  • FBI Election Flash Alert: Increase Computer Security

    With less than 55 days until the U.S. Presidential Election, what have you done to shore up your election data and infrastructure security?  

Safe-T Data

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  • DNC Hack & RNC Denial of Hack Claim

    The Democratic National Committee announced on Wednesday that more documents have been leaked as a result of the DNC hack, prior to their convention. In addition, a Republican House Homeland Security Chairman said the Republican National Committee had been hacked.

  • Best Security Practices for Protecting U.S. Election Data

    You’re a government official that finds yourself reading in the news about various government agencies that have been hacked leading to data being compromised and misused for profit or negative leverage. You begin to question if the online election data you’re responsible for is secure, enough.

Safe-T Data

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  • Securely Sharing Data with Business Partners and Agencies

    Do you store your financial records at an accounting firm? Do you store blueprints with a patent lawyer? Are you a startup being funded by a venture capitalist? Maybe your company is trying to merge with or acquire another entity. The list goes on and on, but the point we're making is that there are a lot of reasons why your company might be sharing data with other businesses—but are...

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