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  • Cyberterrorism and geopolitical situations

    Dhruv Chawla, Partner, Forensic Services and Dhritimaan Shukla, Director, Forensic Services With the rise in the use of interconnected devices and proliferation of data, cyberterrorism has become a reality in today’s world. According to the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, cyberterrorism is any ‘premeditated, politically motivated attack against information, computer...

  • Being calm in the eye of the storm: Are you prepared?

    Dinesh Anand, Partner, Forensic Services Leader, PwC India In recent times, corporate India has witnessed a steady increase in the number of security breaches, crises and incidents. According to the PwC’s Physical Security Environment Survey 2016, 73% of the respondents felt that the number of security incidents had increased in...

  • The entertainment and media outlook: India vs the world

    Frank D’Souza, Partner and Leader, Entertainment and Media, PwC India PwC has been publishing the Global entertainment and media outlook for the last 17 years. In the current year, we have covered 54 countries which houses potentially 5/6th of the world’s gross domestic product (GDP). Our Outlook covers a running...

  • Mapping out new horizons for the next gen

    The world over, family businesses are extremely critical, and constitute 30% of companies with sales of over 1 billion USD. PwC’s 2016 Family Business Survey, which was recently released, involved the participation of over 2,800 family leaders across 50 countries and more than 100 family business leaders in India. It was heartening to note that 75% of Indian family businesses have grown in the las...

  • Social entrepreneurship should focus more on the entrepreneur than the enterprise

    India's growth story over the past decade has changed its narrative. The start-up and entrepreneurship wave in the country has ushered in a new promise—the freedom to create your own market. Seldom does this hold true than when it comes to business, where bigger is always better. Fixations on topline revenue growth, employee headcount, office locations, are not the only yardsticks of business succ...

  • Hiring transgenders as security officers

    In a landmark development, the Government of Odisha has recently decided to recruit transgenders as jail wardens as per the directive of the Supreme Court , by giving them the same physical standards as prescribed for women candidates. Having suffered discrimination and societal hatred for centuries in India, traditionally, transgenders have been delegated for menial occupations, often found drawi...

  • Are you using Advanced Analytics for your next big decision?

    ‘Big Decisions’ are getting increasingly complex for organizations. Are organizations using data or are they mostly relying on their experience for taking these big decisions? More importantly, even if CXOs are taking data driven decisions, are they using advanced analytics for getting more confident about the decision making process. How does Indian organizations fare against their global counter...

  • Standardise your anti-bribery compliance programme with ISO 37001

    Rahul Lalit, Partner, Forensic Services, PwC India With the increasing number of cases of bribery and corruption, the past couple of years have witnessed the globalisation of anti-bribery regulations, with various countries implementing stricter enforcement actions. In India, with the introduction of the Lokpal Bill, 2013, and the proposed amendment...

  • Consensus on GST rates is a welcome move

    Pratik Jain, Partner and Leader, Indirect Tax, PwC India Consensus on rates of GST is a welcome move and with this the Government seems to be set to push for April 1, 2017 as the date of implementation. While multiple rates may not in line with classical GST system, this...

  • Confront crisis with confidence: Emerge stronger and more resilient, quickly

    Deepankar Sanwalka, Advisory Leader, PwC India Jawaharlal Nehru had once said, ‘Every little thing counts in a crisis.’ And that rings true time and again. Take, for instance, natural disasters, cyberattacks, infectious diseases, market collapses, product recalls, regulatory violations, brand and reputational attacks. Whenever any of these occur, 'business as...

PwC India

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  • Cabinet approves the setting up of the GST Council

    Things continue to move at a rapid pace on the GST front. It is encouraging to see that within four days of the assent of the Constitution Amendment Bill by the President of India, the government has approved the setting up of the GST Council and the first meeting of the GST Council is to be held within 10 days of the Cabinet approval.

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