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  • How to Successfully Lead Your Next Case Conference

    Welcome to part 3 of our series on case conferencing in Rehab and Return to Work. We’ve already explored what a good case conference is and how to set an agenda, so let’s wrap up this series and talk about how to successfully run a case conference on the day. Let’s talk logistics, shall we? […]

  • Case Conferencing in Rehab: Good, Bad or Ugly?

    Question: have you ever been asked, demanded, or been cajoled into organizing and facilitating a case conference? I know I have. Over the last few years I’ve been an advocate for how powerful case conferences can be, but lately I’m noticing that rehab professionals, clients, GPs and lots of other health professionals are expressing that […]

  • What Does a Successful Case Conference Look Like?

    Case conferencing is a central part of our role as Rehabilitation Professionals. I wanted to dedicate some time to explore the how, what and why of case conferencing, because effective case conferences can mean huge progress for us and our clients. And bad ones… well, they can really set us back. Part 1: The What […]

  • The Chronic Fatigue Crash Course

    More and more of our clients are coming to us with chronic fatigue conditions. Conditions like: Post-Cancer Fatigue Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Parkinson’s Multiple Sclerosis … and many more. Working with a client with fatigue requires a different approach – typically it’s a REALLY bad idea to start talking to your client about capacity upgrades and […]

  • Job Seeking & Rehab – Where Are We Going Wrong?

    Why is job search so fraught with difficulty in the return to work and rehabilitation space? I’ve been working in the return to work and rehabilitation space for some 20 years and it’s always been the same. There appears to be this incredible reluctance, resistance and, at times, avoidance of actual job seeking activity. However… […]

  • Rehab Taboos Part 3: Let’s Talk MONEY

    Like talking about religion and sex, talking about money seems to also be a taboo that we have when working with clients who are returning to work following an injury, illness or trauma. And I understand why we don’t. For a long time, we’ve been instructed not to speak to clients about how money works […]

  • Rehab Taboos Part 2: Religion & Faith

    So… Why is faith and religion important in return to work planning? Like sex and money, religion is one of those topics that we often find weird to discuss. Maybe even intrusive, uncomfortable or crossing boundaries. Plus – we’re scared to offend and disrespect our clients. But what I’ve learned is that for a quite […]

  • Rehab Taboos Part 1: Can We Talk About Sex?

    I can’t tell you how many times a client’s return to work progress has been interrupted because I haven’t addressed some of the key issues that go on for people when they’re participating in rehab. Sometimes, these issues are uncomfortable. Murky, too – is this even something we’re supposed to be talking about? Is it […]

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