Purition - fuelled by nature

Purition - fuelled by nature

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  • Great Purition Bake Off - Botanical Week

    It was a never before seen challenge on the Great British Bake Off this week with contestants put under pressure to reveal their botanical baking skills. The challenge also came as a slight curve ball to Great Purition Bake Off contestant Alastair who was due his turn in the Purition Kitchen. Far from flowery Alastair admits he wasn’t sure if he would have the delicate touch required for this week...

  • Great Purition Bake Off: Bacon and spinach tart

    It’s been a tense time for the Purition Bake Off team. With most of us harbouring a history of pastry disasters no one was looking forward to being selected for this week’s challenge. But, someone had to give it a go and it was our PR girl Lorna who stepped into the kitchen for her turn in the Puriton Bake Off series. Lorna chose to create a savory pastry dish - a bacon and spinach tart. He’s what...

Purition - fuelled by nature

New blog articles detected

  • Batter week in the Great Purition Bake Off

    There’s been all sorts of speculation floating around this week about who might replace Mel and Sue once the Great British Bake Off moves to Channel 4 next year but here at Purition we’ve not let all the controversy get in the way of our baking! Last night was batter challenge so what better way to celebrate than with some Purition Protein Pancakes - cooked up by our very own self-confessed non-ba...

Purition - fuelled by nature

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  • The Great Purition Bake Off - Recipes

    Purition Pistachio Bread Ingredients 130g of Pistachio Purition 2 tbsp mixed herbs salt and pepper 100g flour 5 egg whites, whisked 7g of yeast 200ml of warm water 2 tbsp olive oil (we used basil infused for extra flavour) Method In a bowl combine all the dry ingredients. Add the wet olive oil and egg whites to the dry mix and mix well. Then add the warm water - you may need more or less than li...

  • Meet the bakers

    From left to right: Brad, Jill, Al, Gayle, Edward, Lou, Rob, Lorna, Harry, Phillipa   Here at Purition we’re supporting the nation’s favourite TV programme - The Great British Bake Off - by pulling on our aprons and challenging ourselves to come up with some new super recipes. Each week a different member of the Purition team we will be undergoing the Bake Off challenge to bring you, our followers...

  • Let the kids take over the kitchen!

    Eek, we hear you cry. What about all that mess? Well, how about looking beyond the mess and instead focusing on the fun we can have with our children in the kitchen. As parents, we can teach our children from a really young age the importance of nutrition, healthy eating habits and how to prepare food in a safe way. There are lots of simple tasks they can be involved in to help prepare daily meal...

  • Did you start your day with a chocolate milkshake today?

    We did. Be rude not to really. After all it is Chocolate Milkshake Day! Well, when we say chocolate milkshake, we of course mean one of our chocolate flavoured Purition wholefood shakes, which is at least healthy and wholesome being made from 100% natural ingredients. That’s far more than can be said for the very first milkshakes which date back to 1885 and were originally served in bars as an alc...

  • Purition gets Baking!

    So as we head into week four of the Great British Bake Off the nation is already hooked and so are we. So far the bakers have already tried their hand at cakes, biscuits and bread and before we get too far into the competition we thought we would show our support for the remaining contestants by hosting our very own Purition bake off. Let’s get Baking... Each week we will be coming up with some pr...

  • Post Natal Depression - can good eating habits help?

    One in 10 new mothers each year will suffer from Post Natal Depression but still it remains a relatively unspoken about form of mental illness. That’s why this week we’re proud to be supporting Shropshire - based PANDAS Foundation (Pre and Post Natal Depression Advice and Support) by helping to raise awareness of the importance of good nutrition in early motherhood. Eating well during the first fe...

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