Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

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  • Daley’s Razor: On Healthcare Communications & Fake News

    “Compelling, if true.” Those were often the first words out of the mouth of Steve Daley, a former mentor of mine from agency life, when he would hear about the value proposition from a new client. Daley, who passed away six years ago, was a former Chicago Tribune columnist and White House correspondent (and a […]

Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

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  • 3 Reasons Why Kim Kardashian Won’t Help Drive Your Sales

    In a world of celebrity marketing and the era of Kardashian reality, many brands have entered the realm of celebrity endorsements through social media. Most of us have seen the Instagram posts from Kim, Khloe and all of the other “Ks” where they make claims on a product that has magically “changed their life.” But […]

  • Instagram Announces ‘Stories’ Ads, Business Analytics

    Brand managers looking to reach consumers online—especially elusive younger crowds—are turning to apps such as Instagram. Instagram stories have grown to 150 million users (from 100 million) in the last few months, and engagement numbers are high. Soon, brand managers will be able to reach those users with full-screen ads. On Wednesday, the company wrote in a blog […]

  • Journalists Aren’t Reading Your Pitches; What You Can Do About It

    My email inbox is a testament to the fact that many PR professionals are equating busy-ness (a.k.a. the number of pitches they send out) with working hard at their jobs. If only it were that simple! Here’s the thing—most of the pitches I receive for Spin Sucks are ice cold. They’re from someone I don’t […]

  • 2017 Predictions: Tips on Building a Successful Digital Marketing Campaign

    2016 was the year of the unexpected. From a Trump presidency to Brexit, I think I speak for most us when I say that I’m excited that 2017 is finally here. There’s a lot to look forward this year but not all change is bad. Especially when we’re discussing significant changes in digital marketing, specifically […]

  • Stories: Better than Cuddling?

    Give readers a shot of the love drug, oxytocin We knew stories were more effective than charts, tables, graphs and simple assertions at helping readers remember what they’ve read, use the information and make good decisions based on the information. That’s according to a 2003 study by University of Oregon professors Judith Hibbard and Ellen […]

  • How to Create Shareable Content that Will Get Your PR Efforts Noticed

    Today, your news release is only one part of any successful PR effort. To see your campaign and activities really take flight you need to invest in creating engaging, shareable content. Start by Providing Value The best way to stand out from the hundreds of other news releases journalists scan through each day is to […]

  • APR: Demystifying the Panel Presentation …

    The First of Two Steps in the APR Examination Process Over the past two years, the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB) invested considerable time in updating the computer-based Examination (CBE) for Accreditation in Public Relations. The fruit of this labor was the launch of the updated 2016 Examination, which is the second step in a two-part […]

  • Public Relations lessons from my blended family

    How to help brands build inclusion in a divided world We are living in a fascinating and unprecedented time in American history. Our increasing diversity is challenging our mindsets about what it means to be an American institution, corporation, family or brand. The outsized bullhorn of social media, combined with an aggressive political landscape have […]

  • How to pitch media so they actually LIKE it

    Today I read through a bunch of tweets from journalists complaining about PR. PR people have given pitching a bad name. Because at its core, pitching is simply getting a solution to a problem into the hands of people with that problem. The problem? Journalists and bloggers are starving for fresh facts and ideas to […]

  • The Top-4 Digital Strategies for Effective M&A Communications

    Every PR team approaches an M&A event with a mix of trepidation and enthusiasm.  A successful M&A rollout can create tremendous value for the new entity. At the same time, the M&A road is fraught with a plethora of internal and external hurdles – before, during and after the public announcement.  For any M&A announcement, […]

Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

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  • Reteaching an Old Dog Old Tricks

    So it turns out that not only can you teach an old dog new tricks, but you also can reteach an old dog old tricks! My career began in television news as a reporter and producer. Once I had kids, I moved into public relations for a better work-life balance. But before I made that […]

  • Can Digital Content Really Be Effective and Ethical at the Same time?

    This is a tale of two former students. Real people. Both majored in public relations, each finishing near the top of her class. One manages digital content for a medium-sized company with an aggressive marketing approach. The other, a few years younger, is a skilled digital content creator/strategist with a fast-growing agency. Both love their […]

  • When Tragedy Strikes in Sports – Making the Right Call with Your PR Plan

    Waking up to the news that the star pitcher on your baseball team and one of the best on the field in Major League Baseball (MLB) died from a horrific boat crash in the middle of the night was something no one expected on the morning of Sunday, September 25th, 2016. Rocking the airways and […]

  • Placing Trust in our National Board

    Over the past two years, I have had the pleasure of being part of two strong Nominating Committee processes and I take tremendous pride in helping to put forward consecutive slates of candidates that I believe will help drive our Society forward. I also hold tremendous respect for the Nom Com process and have both […]

  • Stuck in the middle

    While some of my colleagues, especially in the travel and tourism industry, are enamored with the glitz and glamour that often comes with media relations, I prefer working from the inside out. Focusing on internal communications allows me to help my organization and clients build their brands. If our employees aren’t sold on our brand […]

Public Relations Society of America (PRSA)

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  • Five Tips For Putting Together a Successful Celebrity Or Athlete Influencer Campaign

    Influencer marketing is one of the largest growing trends we are seeing in the sports and entertainment industry. Thousands of dollars are being dedicated to social media or industry specific influencers to generate buzz around a specific campaign (for example, Under Armour’s #IwillWhatIWant campaign) or specific spokespeople for brands (like Marshawn Lynch and Skittles). This […]

  • The 4 Absolutes of Public Relations

    If there is a word one rarely associates with public relations, it is the word “absolute.” Everything in this profession seems to be relative. Our morals are relative; ideologies are relative; codes of conduct are relative. Relativity, in fact, allows for denial, as well as dis- and misinterpretation. Even truth is relative. My definition of truth […]

  • Kotcher Inducted Into Page Society Hall of Fame; Declares “This Is Our Time”

    Ray Kotcher, Fellow PRSA, PRSA Advisory Board member, was inducted into the Arthur W. Page Society Hall of Fame on Sunday, Sept. 11, and shared a moving acceptance speech, entitled, “This Is Our Time.” The full speech is available below, and outlines areas of opportunity within the industry. Kotcher is known to many in the […]

  • Accreditation Valuable at Any Career Stage

    Years ago, I attended an APR information session, borrowed a friend’s old copy of “Effective Public Relations” and her Chapter’s APR study materials — and decided not to pursue Accreditation. With a demanding job, two (then) young children and substantial volunteer commitments, including a term on the PRSA Nashville Chapter board, I was not yet […]

  • Know your Audience

    *This article was provided by YouGov, a PRSA partner. Data driven insight is one of the most powerful tools in the world of communications.  Research is simply the most effective way to discover who is using your brand, to understand just how they are using those products and services, and to decipher how they feel about […]

  • Ready – Fire – Aim!

    After a 27 year Navy career, with 21 of those years as a navy public affairs officer, I was very secure in my abilities as a practicing PA professional. Like everyone else, I had built my box in a fashion to make me successful in the segment of public relations (public affairs) I had become […]

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