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  • Call for Submissions: March 2017 Blog

    March 2017 – It Takes a Village Sometimes we think we need to do it all and be it all, alone. In truth, it really does take a village to raise a child. However, sometimes that tribe can be hard ... Read More

  • Beauty in Simplicity

    Another Monday arrives, I feel the weight of yet another week coming: how will I keep the children entertained this week, will my activities measure up and am I doing enough as a mom? Will I be seen in the ... Read More

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  • Envy

    Envy: it’s the bone-rotter. The joy-corroder. Buzzkill. I feel it pervade as I look at photos of impeccably adorned, whitewashed Pottery Barnesque mantles, slapdash art with a gazillion “likes,” Instagram accounts of people who seem to have a bottomless financial ... Read More

  • No Filter Added

    The grass is greener on the other side, especially behind an Instagram filter. When I worked at my oh-so-important job in DC, I used to long for the simple life: a family of my own, a smaller town as quaint ... Read More

  • The Memory of Every Day

    This was my first year as a mom of a full-time student. My littlest is still home with me in the mornings, but my oldest daughter, Iris, is a full-fledged, all-day kindergartner and proud of it. As it is our ... Read More

  • How I Love My Actual Life

    I woke up this morning to dirty dishes in the kitchen sink, bills on the counter waiting to be paid and puppy poop on the carpet. Not exactly the life of fairytales and movie scripts. And to make mundane matters ... Read More

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  • Mirari Glow to Sleep

    Babies bring joy and happiness to families, but they also bring changes and challenges. Children aren’t born knowing the difference between night and day, and it can take several months before they adapt to the 24-hour cycle and develop a ... Read More

  • Magic in the Mundane

    Years ago, I had a dreamlike idea of what motherhood would look like. It looked like the time I babysat a 3-year-old boy at the park and we threw sticks over the side of a bridge, laughing hysterically. It looked ... Read More

  • Into the Small Places

    The world tells us that what matters most is the grand, the visible, the powerful. But Jesus speaks of children, mustard seeds and yeast (an organism so small it’s invisible to the naked eye!). His language is not power and ... Read More

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  • Your Incredible (Sometimes Grey) Life

    I bet some days you wake feeling bored, lonely or unsatisfied with motherhood. Perhaps there are even weeks and months where everything looks grey. You’re feeling you aren’t handling your children, your job or your marriage quite well enough. Do ... Read More

  • Sweet Relief

    Here I am once again, dancing around the kitchen, squeezing my insides with everything I’ve got. I’m up on my tippy toes then bending at the knees. Sweating, I think. Yes, sweating. Contorting. Panting. Anxious. All edges. And I have ... Read More

  • Don’t Worry, My Child

    You do not have to worry, child. Not about the spelling quiz, the untied shoes, the next soccer game, the day you are late to school. Don’t worry that you will have to stand in the front row of the ... Read More

  • Wonder Walks

    When I was eight years old, my mother placed a book in my lap and told me to read the entire thing by the end of the week. I looked down at the front cover, which had an illustration of ... Read More

  • The Restorative, Healing Powers of Awe

    Awe research. It’s a real thing and it’s happening at the University of California, Berkeley. A team of psychologists have found that people who experience awe manifest some very interesting behaviors. I would have guessed that awe boosted mood temporarily ... Read More

  • GIST: How Do I Know When I’m Over-Parenting?

    Maybe we can make a deal. We’ll agree that “doting” is OK for a baby – if you agree to discontinue doting as soon as your child gets a little older. Deal? Doting over a baby in its first 12 ... Read More

  • The Womb Time That Winter Brings

    Winter has a way of reminding me I can’t control every aspect of my life. Ever since I was young, I have loved the seasons. The unique feel, tastes and rhythms of nature have always whispered to me that there ... Read More

  • The Lost Boys of Portland, England

    I was climbing up the steep grade of England’s rocky coast. Through strands of hair whipped across my face by the sea breeze, I watched the sky fade into pink and purple over the glittering waters, deep and possibly infinite. ... Read More

  • Chasing Wonder

    Life just wasn’t making sense that day. I’d yelled at my kids, spoke harshly to my husband, and couldn’t seem to chip the resentment off my heart. I was weary, blindly stumbling and stagnating in a haze. I needed fire ... Read More

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  • Marked With Empathy

    I was a history major in college. The way the world has arrived at the place it is now, the causes and effects, the victors and the victims, the passive people and the active, their environments and thoughts and words, ... Read More

  • Call for Submissions: Your MOPS Story

    Moms are a tribe of women brought together with the goal of loving and nurturing the next generation. At MOPS, our goal is to create a space for this kindred group to share and learn alongside one another. MOPS brings ... Read More

  • Easy Shibori Napkins

      Easy Shibori Napkins Shibori is a Japanese dyeing method that includes folding, twisting or bunching and binding cloth, then dyeing it in indigo. We’ve created a similar effect by using easy, pre-made dye bottles from our local craft store ... Read More

  • From the Heart

    The steady rhythm of your heart is wholly unique to you, yet the even cadence of each beat is similar to every other heart. Otnaracy Silva, a MOPS Coordinator and family doctor in Brazil, witnesses this phenomenon on a daily ... Read More

  • How Having Social Anxiety Has Shaped Me as a Mom

    Social Anxiety. That’s what the therapist called it as I sat across from her on the mahogany leather couch. Her office was devised to look like a living room to make me feel at home, but all I could think was, “I wouldn’t be here if I was normal.” The list of my oddities lay like the stacks of magazines recklessly piled for bored fingers to flip through at the doctor’s office: No friends, no one c...

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  • Why Being Married to a Husband With a Porn Problem Is Incredibly Painful

    There were six of us in the room, our chairs in a circle so that we could see one another fully.  The woman across from me was in so much pain. In fact, she didn’t quite know how much more she ... Read More

  • The Milestones No Mom Talks About

    At your baby shower someone gave you a beautiful, hand-illustrated baby book in which you have diligently recorded each of your child’s major (and lesser) milestones. There are photographs secured with pretty washi tape, little baggies of clipped baby curls ... Read More

  • Body Image in the Marriage Bed

    Buckle up, I have quite a soap box with this one! Since we were little girls we have been marinating in poisonous messages about our bodies. We navigate puberty enduring scrutiny and engage in “normal” but toxic comparisons. By the ... Read More

  • I Pulled a Tooth Today

    I pulled a tooth today. Her tooth. Small, opaque and worn-down at the edges. Just an ordinary little tooth. Nothing unusual in this simple act; I have done it dozens of times. But today something was different, something changed. She ... Read More

  • When a Milestone Birthday Is Hard

    Some friends a few years my junior recently hit milestone birthdays. You know the ones. They end in a zero. And with each friend’s approaching day, I sat through the same group discussion. It went something like this: as the ... Read More

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  • 4 Ways to Make the First Year of Kindergarten a Success

    If your little bird is leaving the nest for the first time this school year, you might both be a tad nervous. Kindergarten is a lot of fun, but it can also be a bit of a transition – especially ... Read More

  • Every First Is Also the Last

    In the life of raising children, it is easy to parse out time in milestones: first tooth, last time nursing, first steps, last day in diapers. We’ve learned to appreciate the “big” milestones, but what about the day to day? ... Read More

  • Together We Are Motherhood: Meeting the Birthmother

    Just be yourself. It was advice from many friends and family as we pulled up to the small brick house in Maryland. I wore a black and white striped dress and leggings, both worn from many washings, deciding to wear something ... Read More

  • A Message to the Mum Sitting Across From You Today

    I saw you today. Everyone was staring at you caring for your child. Sitting so close to his well-positioned wheelchair, you kissed his forehead, wiped his face, kept him calm and held him tight when he became anxious. I see ... Read More

  • A Place To Call Home

    When you are in high school you feel invincible. Unshakable. I was 16 when I found out that I was pregnant. My world felt like it was crumbling around me. Unimaginable judgment made me feel like my child was unwanted, ... Read More

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