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  • Are Silicon Valley’s Chaos Makers Smart or Insane?

    Reprinted from FEE.org To the uninitiated, Silicon Valley’s products keep coming and improving. It’s as if the congregation of tech brainpower is incapable of making a mistake. Everything they make turns to gold it seems. Actually, that’s an illusion. Entrepreneurs pitch an endless stream of Ideas. Everyone argues over which can work. A few attract […]

  • Grateful Remembrances of My Government High Schooling

    Reprinted from the Independent Institute I do not speak Spanish fluently. Indeed, I am often at a loss for the right words, not to mention a proper conjugation of the verbs, and I frequently fail to understand what people say to me. Yet all in all, I am astonished that, living in a part of […]

  • The Recent Corruptions of the English Language

    Reprinted from International Man Let’s discuss words. Many of the words you hear, especially on television and other media, are confused, conflated, or completely misused. Many recent changes in the way words are used are corrupting the language. The corruption of language is adding to the corruption of civilization itself. Words are extremely important because […]

  • The Significance of Mises’s Socialism

    Reprinted from FEE.org That Ludwig von Mises was one of the greatest economists of the 20th century should never be doubted. Mises never worked in scientific or popular obscurity despite the various mythologies that are told on both left and right. Prior to World War I, Mises had established himself as a leading economic theorist […]

  • Mises’s Treatise on Socialism that Keeps on Giving

    Reprinted from FEE.org Ludwig von Mises’s Socialism (1922) is a legendary classic, but sometimes that can be the worst possible fate to befall a work. It’s a tragic thing when a great work becomes a symbol or a slogan, rather than something people really study and learn from. Based on an informal poll I’ve taken […]

Mises Canada

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  • Trump is Wrong on Trade

    Trumps claims (see here) that America has lost high paying manufacturing jobs to China because the communist country promotes its exports through subsidies, tax advantages and currency manipulations. The reality is that we should not care what China does. The more China subsidizes its industries, the more its trading partners gain in the abundance of […]

  • Let’s make oil our friend, not our enemy. It is Earth’s precious gift

    There cannot be shortage of a good if entrepreneurs figure out how to maximize its use. There cannot be redistribution of a good, only an expansion of it, using entrepreneurial creative processes of the mind, heart and a commitment to fulfilling humans’ needs. Redistribution only creates poverty whereas entrepreneurship creates wealth for everyone. To put […]

  • Keynes: The Crackpot Economist of ZIRP

    Reprinted from GaryNorth.com John Maynard Keynes was a crackpot. So are his followers. All of them. I can hear the shocked response. “But, Dr. North, you’re not supposed to say such things. It’s not polite. It shows a lack of etiquette. People who say such things are themselves dismissed as crackpots.” To which I respond: […]

  • John Locke Is Needed Now More than Ever

    Reprinted from FEE.org Personal and economic freedom are under attack in the United States and in many other parts of the world. This is seen most clearly in this year’s contest for the White House. In all the rhetoric about America’s political, social, and economic problems that is heard from the lips of the Democratic and […]

  • The Skillful Professor Rothbard

    This introduction to two essays by Murray N. Rothbard — “The Mantle of Science” and “Praxeology as the Method of the Social Sciences ” — was published in a 1979 edition published by the Cato Institute. Reprinted from Mises.org All in all, I am not fully convinced that the great flood of discussion on problems […]

Mises Canada

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  • The Decline of Conversation

    [On Doing the Right Thing, chapter 3, “The Decline of Conversation.”] Reprinted from Mises.org Speaking as Bishop Pontoppidan did about the owls in Iceland, the most significant thing that I have noticed about conversation in America is that there is so little of it, and as time goes on there seems less and less of […]

  • Is Greater Productivity a Danger?

    Reprinted from Mises.org It is bad enough that opponents of the free market wrongly blame capitalism for environmental pollution, depressions, and wars. Whatever the failings of their causal theories, at least they are focused on undoubtedly bad things. We have really gone beyond the pale, though, when the market is blamed for something good. Tim […]

  • Government Medical “Insurance”

    This article is excerpted from Making Economic Sense (1995; 2007), chapter 20, “Government Medical ‘Insurance.'” Reprinted from Mises.org One of Ludwig von Mises’s keenest insights was on the cumulative tendency of government intervention. The government, in its wisdom, perceives a problem (and Lord knows, there are always problems!). The government then intervenes to “solve” that […]

  • Let Airbnb Providers Discriminate as They Please

    Reprinted from FEE.org Question to ask yourself: would you like stay in a person’s home who didn’t like you on the grounds of your race, sex, religion, or language? I would think not. For my part, I would like to know ahead of time of the person’s biases and thereby try to avoid the place. […]

  • 2016 International Conference of Prices & Markets

    The International Conference of Prices & Markets is pleased to announce the 2016 iteration of the event Saturday November 5th in Toronto, Canada. This will be the 5th anniversary of the conference, with a special opening reception marking the occasion on Friday November 4th. Read the 2015 conference Papers & Proceedings here. The International Conference of […]

  • Wartime Origins of Modern Income-Tax Withholding

    Reprinted from the Independent Institute Wars have always been the most important occasions for the introduction of new forms of taxation. At the outset of a war the state suddenly needs greatly increased revenues to pay for personnel and matériel to prosecute the war. Although governments typically increase the rates of existing explicit taxes and […]

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