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  • Why Movie Night With Mom Doesn’t Have to Suck

    Movie night with mom has always been the absolute worst; but lets just be honest – we all know that you are probably slacking when it comes to being on mom’s good side, right? Can you really remember the last time that you did anything special just for your mom? Something to really make her feel special and warm and fuzzy inside? No so you haven’t? It never even crossed your mind? Well then, that’...

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  • Fitness Apps That Make Being Healthy Sound Like a Semi-Good Idea

    Fitness apps have been my personal life saver! I would consider myself a pretty lazy person when it comes to making an effort to work out. It always just seems like such a chore, or I’ll try to make myself busy or make excuses so that I don’t have to deal with getting on the floor and doing a few sit-ups. There are a few new fitness apps that I was introduced to lately that really make working out...

  • Pokemon Go Has Officially Taken Over The World

    From meeting new friends, to the spiciest of memes, to people shouting “Team Mystic!” at you even when you don’t want them to, Pokemon Go has been nothing but good times, a few laughs, and hours and hours of harmless fun. That is until reports like “Man Shot at Teens while playing Pokemon Go,” or “Armed Robbers Used Pokemon Go to Rob Unsuspecting Players,” or “Girl Finds Dead Body While playing Po...

  • Should Girls Be on the Soccer Team with Boys?

    Being on a soccer team was probably the best and worst decision I ever made in my life! I was only playing because my mom made me sign up for a sport. I eventually quit, figuring my reason for continuing to play shouldn’t be because I wanted to make other girls cry when they lost. I wasn’t exactly what you would call the “star player” of the team. I say that it was the worst decision of my life fo...

  • Tips to Dealing With Teen Anxiety

    Dealing with teen anxiety was literally the most horrific thing I have ever had to experience in my entire life. When I was in middle school I had some pretty bad anxiety issues that caused me to have panic attacks. IN addition to attending a pretty intense school curriculum, I was a total try-hard when it came to wanting to fit in with the crowd. I was able to pull it off for a while, but I reali...

  • How Teaching Students to Dab Helps with Math

    Dabbing and math are basically my two worst enemies, so it seems like a mistake that somehow the two could fit together. I find the frustration of trying to figure out a geometry question to be just as if not more infuriating then going into a store to find at least one kid dabbing through the aisles while casually reaching for the mac and cheese. Everywhere I look, someone is dabbing…and I feel l...

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