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  • Acoustic Enclosure with Motorized Doors | Mecart

    This partial acoustic enclosure with two motorized doors was custom designed for our client’s machine. The motorized doors are controlled by a pneumatic cylinder and a security system using a bumper switch. Once installed, the enclosure’s 3 sides and partial ceiling will fit against the machine to achieve an acoustic performance of STC-35. It also includes a silencer for the air inlet and a LED li...

  • Sterile Compounding Facility | Mecart Cleanrooms

    This is the perfect example of the typical sterile compounding facility our clients often request. The entrance opens to the support zone, from which you access the anteroom from which you finally access the buffer zone. We completed this cleanroom as a second project for this client. We had already built a cleanroom for them a decade ago. We also designed and built the HVAC system responsible for...

  • Bâtiments modulaires pour cimenterie

    Ces deux bâtiments modulaires ont récemment quitté notre usine vers leur destination finale : une cimenterie. Afin d’éviter la corrosion des cabines par les produits chimiques employés dans l’usine, nous n’avons utilisé aucun composant en aluminium. Chacune des deux cabines dispose d’une unité de ventilation (CVAC) avec des filtres lavables et un système d'air conditionné sans conduit. Étant donné...

  • Modular Buildings for Cement Plant

    These two modular buildings have left Mecart's plant towards their final destination: a cement plant. To avoid corrosion with the chemicals found in the plant, no aluminium components were used. They both come with an air unit (HVAC) with washable filters and an air conditioning split system. Since the cabins are pre-assembled and will be shipped, the design integrates the appropriate structure wi...

  • Cleanroom Pass-Through / Passe-plat pour salle blanche

    Did you know we also make cleanroom pass-throughs? Built with the same heavy duty galvannealed steel as our panels. Standard designs start at $2,900 CAD. Custom designs also available. Click the link or contact us for more information: Saviez-vous que Mecart fabrique aussi des passe-plats? Construits avec le même acier galvanisé que nos panneaux de salles blanches, ils sont ...

  • Paper Mill Wet Lab - Modular Building

    [PAPER MILL WET LAB] This paper mill wet lab with 180 degree panoramic view includes a steel work surface with integrated stainless steel custom sinks. The noise level required a soundproofing of STC-45. Due to anti-vibration requirements, a special frame was engineered and cushions were added. The modularity of MECART’s system allowed our installers to set up the room in less than 10 days.

  • Douche à air pour salles blanches - Conçue sur mesure par Mecart

    Douche à air sur mesure, avec sas d'entrée et de sortie - Opérateurs de portes 100% automatisés - Débit d'air latéral et vertical d'une vitesse de 4 000 à 5 000 pieds par minute - Interverrouillage de porte avec minuterie configurable (interlock) - Design sans plancher: pour installation sur un plancher existant - Préassemblée pour une solution clé en main

  • Air Shower for Cleanroom - Custom-Made by Mecart

    Custom-Made Air Shower with Entry and Exit Airlocks - Automatic Door Operators - Lateral and vertical airflow with air velocity of 4,000 to 5,000 FPM - Interlocking door system with configurable timer - Custom floorless design: to be installed on an existing finished floor - Preassembled for a turnkey plug & play solution

Mecart Inc.

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  • Modular Cleanroom Delivery in Downtown Toronto

    Impressive, don't you think? This was one of the most challenging deliveries we had to make. The cleanroom had to be installed in a leased space, on the 16th floor of a high rise historical building in downtown Toronto, with existing columns and low ceilings. The material had to be hoisted to the 16th floor to be assembled on site.

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