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  • Save hours with one time-saving tip

    Let me give you a quick time-saving tip.  Why?  Because a lot of what I teach leaders in our Certified LEADER course (starts next week) involves saving time. If you have time and focus issues, then write a check for $10,000 and just stare at it. The cost of procrastination and poorly managed time is typically $10,000+ a month).  If you disagree, then talk with me or Bob Andrews, a seasoned MSP ve...

  • One Minute and Seven Seconds to Increase Sales

    Has this been a Meaningful Monday for you?  If not, maybe you need to accelerate your sales... The best way to do that is to improve your company culture and leadership. “NO!” you say?  You want sales leads! Okay.  Then click here to learn from Stuart Crawford of Ulistic next Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. PST.  He is the most creative marketers in the I.T. managed services industry. Join me as we ask Stua...

  • THURSDAY'S THRILL:  Hold this trout...

    Have you seen the old Saturday Night Live gag, Nick Burns, the company computer guy? Rex Frank of Sea-Level Ops sent it to me before our discussion of soft skill training this past Tuesday.  Compare Nick’s approach to the Charm School behaviors you teach your people…  and the way they behave on the job. Click here to learn more about how easy (and cheap) it is to use Dave’s Charm School in your o...


New blog articles detected

  • Your Soft Skills Are WEAK (video, webinar)

    Your Soft Skills Are WEAK - with Rex Frank from MANAGEtoWIN, Inc. on Vimeo. Watch and listen as David Russell (CEO of MANAGEtoWIN) and Rex Frank (President of Sea Level Operations) discuss how important soft skills are for the success of your business.

  • Need a Lifeline? 4 Leadership Tips

    Bill Hybels did one of the best leadership talks of the year this past Sunday.  His version is faith-based and you can listen to it here or on the iTunes podcasts of Willow Creek Church. Let me give you my secular version / summary so you can grasp why I feel his teaching is so relevant in September 2016.  (Bill says it much better, but some of you prefer that I limit my use of the "G-word" and re...

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