Maker Studios, Inc. is an American worldwide multi-channel network co-founded by Lisa Donovan, former chief executive officer Danny Zappin, Scott Katz, Kassem G, Shay Carl, Ben Donovan, and Philip DeFranco. Shane Dawson was also involved with Lisa Donovan and Shay Carl during their collaboration on The Station, which Dawson described as a "cult", where very strange acts would happen. Outside of the US, Maker has built significant audiences in the UK, Brazil and Australia, and aims to expand its Asian operations where it generates 700 million monthly unique views. Run by Rene Rechtman, President for International, Maker is building a headquarters in London for its commercial, production and marketing activities outside of the US. An Asian hub has been established in Singapore, offering limited commercial and marketing support until the business is larger. Wikipedia

Maker Studios Inc

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Maker Studios Inc

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  • Star Wars Go Rogue Teaser | Maker Studios

    Check out our #GoRogue Playlist here: Creators from across the Maker Studios network joined forces to celebrate the launch of the new “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” product line and officially kick off a global fan content contest. The Star Wars fan universe is full of content creators, and there is a huge appetite for wha...

  • Maker Studios Spark Class of 2015 Teaser | Maker Studios

    The Maker Studios SPARK program invites creators to collaborate with Maker Studios to pitch original concepts that could be developed into series or cross-platform franchises, with the strongest of the concepts "greenlit" for production with support from Maker. ▷Subscribe to Maker Studios: ▷Follow Maker Studios Everywhere: Official Site:

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