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  • HR 1136 - A New Hope for Vaping Regulation

    HR 1136 – A New Hope for Vaping Regulation   For a good while now, advocates have been encouraging vapers to support HR 2058 and the Cole-Bishop Amendment. Now, representatives Cole and Bishop have introduced a new bill called the FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act of 2017 – or HR 1136. This bill would change the grandfather date from February 2007, and would allow many vapor products that a...

  • The Wismec Reuleaux RX Mini - The Best Mini-Mod Ever?

    The Wismec RX Mini – The Best Mini-Mod?   Wismec has been coming out with some great stuff over the last year or so. Their partnership with JayBo seems to be paying off, as it’s been nonstop innovation since the original Reuleaux DNA200. Alongside the recent release of the monster quad-battery RX300 comes the RX Mini, an 80W mod with an internal battery that takes the classic Reuleaux design and ...

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  • The Smok GX350: The Quad-Battery Monster!

    The Smok GX350 – Quad-Battery Monster   Make no mistake; the GX350 is pretty big. It runs off of four 18650 batteries in a series-parallel configuration. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s too big, as the diamond shape pioneered by the RX200 maintains the overall ergonomics. Those with medium to large hands won’t have trouble using the device, but people with smaller hands or anyone who moves aro...

  • Valentine's Day Sale! 14% Off Mods and Kits! 25% Off E-Liquid!

    Madvapes Valentine’s Day Sale!   Today is Valentine’s Day! Companies are people too, so we want you to be our collective Valentine! And we’re going to convince you the old-fashioned way: by giving you things! Today only, get 14% off every single kit and/or mod on by using coupon code CUPID17. This includes starter kits, high-end mods, and mod kits. Looking for a modern spin on the c...

  • What Makes a "Premium" E-Liquid Premium?

    What Makes Premium E-Liquid Premium?   No one would blame you for thinking the only thing that’s premium about premium liquid is the price. There aren’t very many resources to explain exactly what the differences are between premium e-liquid and house, or budget, e-liquid. While I’m sure plenty of manufacturers throw some extract, PG, VG, nicotine, and way too much sweetener into a squeeze bottle...

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  • February New Product Update!

    New Product Update – 7 February 2017   We here at Madvapes wanted to give all you Madvapers out there an update to tell you what we’re receiving this week! The end of Chinese New Year always brings an influx of new products, so read on to find out what’s new and exciting this week!   CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OF OUR NEWEST PRODUCTS!   INNOKIN SLIPSTREAM TANK   The Slipstream Tank from Innokin is wha...

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  • The Mi One AIO Kit - Simple and Effective Vaping

    The Mi One AIO Kit – Simple and Effective Vaping   The Mi One from Smoking Vapor is a compact and inexpensive AIO-style box mod. It’s actually very similar to many other similar mods in that it’s leak-resistant with a child-resistant top-fill cap. While it offers its own coils, they are identical to the BF coils found in many Joyetech atomizers, and as such they are interchangeable. What sets the...

  • PBS SoCal Video - An Unbiased Look at Vaping

    PBS SoCal “The War against Vaping and E-cigarettes”– Great Insight into Vaping and Misinformation   Recently, PBS SoCal aired a show in which they discussed some key points pertaining to FDA regulation. While the episode mostly covered information vapers have been keeping up with for years, it is one of the few pieces of content that actually responds to each criticism of e-cigarettes point-by-po...

  • Flash Sale! 25% Off All E-Liquid!

    FLASH SALE! Blink, and You’ll Miss It!   Today, January 31, Madvapes is offering a 25% discount on all e-liquid! This includes house brands and premium lines; ALL e-liquid is 25% off. This excludes Conspiracy E-Liquid, which is STILL on sale from last week. All Conspiracy E-Liquid is buy one, get one free! Right now is the perfect time to stock up on e-liquid for February. If you’re like me, you...

  • 13 January - FDA Issues Clarification Guidance

    FDA Issues Guidance Document – Regulation Clarification   On 13 January, 2017, FDA released a new document clarifying a portion of the deeming regulations. They do this from time to time, being that the original 499-page document was very vague, to say the least. The new guidance document went on to explain what vape shops could and couldn’t do, and what would constitute “manufacturer” status. “...

  • It's a Conspiracy! BOGO E-Liquid!

    Conspiracy Liquid Sale! Buy One, Get One FREE!   Heads up, Madvapers! While supplies last, ALL Conspiracy E-Liquid is buy one, get one free! This includes both Conspiracy and Conspiracy Clouds in all sizes, flavors, and strengths. Conspiracy E-Liquid has been wildly popular over the last few years. The line includes several fruity flavors like H.A.A.R.P. and Alien Blood which are crisp and refre...

  • Legislation and Regulation Update

    Legislation and Regulation – 20 January 2017   Since the FDA Deeming Regulations were finalized last May, many vapers have been worried about the future of the industry. It seems as if news has been trickling down slower ever since, which is unsettling when so much is at stake. But rest assured, the same people that gave us weekly or even daily updates before the regulations took effect are now h...

  • Turn Your Luck Around this Friday the 13th with 13% off ALL Items Sitewide!

    Friday the 13th Sale! It’s Your Lucky Day!   Madvapes is here to turn your luck around this Friday the 13th weekend! From Friday to Sunday, you can get 13% off the entire site, excluding current sale items which are STILL 30% off! You can find those in the Retro category at the top of the homepage. In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been adding a lot of new stuff to over the last fe...

  • Direct-Lung v. Mouth-to-Lung Vaping - Which is Better?

    Direct-Lung v. Mouth-to-Lung – Which is Better?   Let’s answer the question right away: is direct-lung (DL) or mouth-to-lung (MTL) better? The real answer is whatever works better for you. It’s really up to your preference, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t advantages and disadvantages to both, as well as some misconceptions. Most vapers nowadays, even flavor-chasers, prefer to lung hit and the ...

  • RETRO SALE! 280 Products That STILL Deliver!

    Madvapes Retro Sale! 30% All Current Sale Items!   Hello Madvapers! I want to give you all a heads-up: Madvapes is currently offering 30% off all sale items, which are now located in the “Retro” category! Don’t make the mistake of thinking that “Retro” is synonymous with “useless.” There’s over 280 product currently on sale, so there’s bound to be something you need! In the Retro category, you’l...

  • Are Modern Starter Kits REALLY Better?

    Starter Kits – Are New Starter Kits Really Better? by Michael Huml   Plenty of vapers, particularly those who started in the 2009-2010 time frame, still enjoy using the devices and atomizers that came to be around that time. These vapers have had plenty of time to learn the ins and outs, and are perfectly comfortable sticking with what they know. New devices are overengineered, complicated, and e...

  • The Media Spin on Vaping

    The Media Spin on Vaping by Michael Huml   If you've been paying attention to the news or social media in the last few years, you've no doubt seen news stories about e-cigarettes exploding. The majority of these stories have put a very negative spin on vaping, demonizing them as bombs that could go off at any moment, without warning. Recently, a news story broke in the UK after loose 18650 batter...

  • Aspire PockeX Review

    The Aspire PockeX Kit – It's an AIO with a Nautilus X!             You may not know how to pronounce it (and we're not quite sure either), but the Aspire PockeX Kit is a fantastic AIO-style starter kit, and the first of its kind from Aspire. Aspire has been on a roll ever since the Atlantis, but some MTL vapers have been starting to feel left out. In response, Aspire completely revamped their Naut...

  • Swedish Match MRTP Application Denied, Deferred

    Swedish Match MRTP Application Denied, Deferred by Michael Huml             Swedish Match, the company responsible for the General brand of Swedish snus, has finally received the results of its MRTP application, and the they're not good. This MRTP was an important document, as it was one of the first submitted to the FDA for approval, and would have provided a template for other products in the fu...

  • 12 Days of Christmas

    Madvapes 12 Days of Christmas Sale! Madvapers, I have good news! From Dec. 14 through Dec. 26, will be offering a new sale each and every day! From e-liquid to hardware, be sure to check back each day! True to the spirit of the season, Madvapes wants to give back to you. Whether you're buying for yourself, or as a gift for another vaper in your life, you won't find better deals on vap...

  • Wismec RX75 Review

      Wismec RX75 Kit Jaybo and Wismec seem to have a pretty solid relationship. Jaybo keeps designing unique, intriguing mods, atomizers, and coils while Wismec continues to pump them out with remarkable build quality. This time, they've broken the mold with a new design in the Reuleaux RX75. Even though they share a name, the RX75 has almost nothing in common with the Reuleaux RX200, RX200S, or RX2/...

  • eLeaf iStick Pico Review
  • Wismec Motiv Starter Kit
  • Madvapes opens its first location in the Republic of Ireland

    The True Experts in Electronic Cigarettes Expands its Footprint in Europe DUBLIN, Oct. 4, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Madvapes Holdings has signed a master franchise agreement to expand into theRepublic of Ireland. This growth is part of their international expansion strategy to provide premium e-liquids and vaping equipment into the global market. Over the past six years, Madvapes has developed a sophi...

  • Monster Trail Mix-Frankenstein Review

    Monster Trail Mix – Frankenstein Frankenstein is the second flavor of the Monster Trail Mix line, and has a flavor profile mimicking a Snickers bar and trail mix. Three vaping aficionados share their initial impressions:   Mike: Frankenstein is one of those flavors that changes the longer you vape it. At first, I wasn't a huge fan. The salty taste was a little overpowering and didn't seem well-sui...


    With August 8 long past, we're still seeing an influx of new products coming out of China. Making its debut right under the wire was the iCare from Eleaf, and its timing couldn't be better. It might very well be the best all-around kit for new vapers due to its price point, ease-of-use, and performance.             So what is it? Following recent trends, the iCare is another all-in-one type of dev...

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