Janet Hilts Enterprises (fka Clearing Pathways)

Janet Hilts Enterprises (fka Clearing Pathways)

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  • EFT Podcast – Calm Emotional Chaos from Politics

    It’s just too much some days, isn’t it? All the political changes and the emotional overload they can cause. Too much, day after day, in your face everywhere you turn. It was really getting to me. My emotional reactions were taking over my thoughts, my sleep, my conversations, and my life. I decided to change […]

Janet Hilts Enterprises (fka Clearing Pathways)

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  • How To Be Calm Facing Uncertainty

    Being uncertain without being anxious is totally possible. Have you tried EFT for anxiety when you’re facing the unknown, and the EFT just doesn’t work? Sometimes the reason it doesn’t work is because you’re trying to tap away uncertainty. You can tap away unwanted feelings, but uncertainty isn’t really a feeling. It’s a state of […]

  • Tapping For Anger and Irritation – How To Get Results

    The term anger covers a whole spectrum of feelings. Does one of these words fit better for you? frustrated, annoyed, irritated, bugged, impatient, aggravated, upset, resentful, mad, outraged, pissed off, blaming somebody else or yourself, (your favorite term here). Choose your word and apply it wherever you read the word “anger” here. To shift that […]

  • EFT Video – When Being Right Gets You Stuck (and what to do about it!)

    Being right feels so good, doesn’t it? It helps to anchor you in certainty. You know you’re aligned with your values. There’s comfort in knowing that. So what’s the problem? Well, sometimes being right is a major stumbling block for progress. And it can seriously interfere with letting things go when you’re tapping. That’s what […]

  • How To Cruise (Tap) Through The Holidays With EFT

    What if celebrating winter holidays were as much fun as partying on the 4th of July?! Wouldn’t that be great? I know. Sometimes it’s not that easy. There’s shopping, decorating, parties, family, cooking, crowds, not enough time … But that’s all so tappable! Here’s a holidays tap-along for you to get you back in the […]

  • EFT Video – Quick Release Tapping for Anxiety

    Sometimes trying to tap away anxiety can be tricky. It just doesn’t want to leave. Has that happened to you? It’s because of some very good reasons. And that’s what we’re addressing here — why it can be a challenge to release anxiety. And then we’re going to fix it with (drum roll ……) tapping! […]

  • When Concern For Them Upsets You – Tapping Help

    When you’re close to people, sooner or later you’re concerned about them. Right? Caring about what happens to them is part of having relationships. And caring can lead to concerns. Concerns about what they’re doing and how they’re doing it, when they’re doing it and who they’re doing it with, how circumstances are affecting them, […]

  • Yes, It’s Time To Try Again (No Matter What Happened Last Time)

    It’s time to try again with the thing that didn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. No matter what happened last time. It’s time to expect the best and make it happen. Sound like a challenge for you? It’s totally do-able. And of course tapping is the quick way to shift your thinking […]

  • How To Send Fear To The Back Of The Bus

    Tapping your fear level down to zero before you make your move is a good thing …. sometimes. But other times, doing that piece of tapping successfully can be a huge slow-down. In fact, if your resistance is big enough, it will never happen. Because you’ll find reasons not to do the tapping. Or you […]

  • When Your Issue Is Also Their Issue

    You know those issues you share with people you’re close to? Those childhood challenges you share with your brother? That thing you and your wife are both angry about? The earthquake that traumatized your whole family? These BHI’s (Big Hairy Issues) can be tricky to release simply BECAUSE you share them with someone you love. […]

  • [Video] Tapping for Impatience

    The Real Secret To Tapping for Impatience You can always try basic tapping to get rid of the feeling of impatience. Sometimes that works. But sometimes it doesn’t. That’s because there are usually two parts to feeling impatient, and they both want your attention! Check out the video for some tips to successfully tap on […]

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