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  • Server room horror stories: the true cost of bad IT in your business

    Either tackle bad IT practices head-on, or suffer the potentially crippling consequences... Whether you're a small business considering implementing an IT plan for the first time or a multinational rolling out a large IT project, the core issues remain the same – we all need reliable IT support from qualified professionals. If you don't, you risk the following... Don't Skimp on Security Cybercrime...

  • In House Vs. Cloud: What’s the Future of IT for legal firms?

    Modern legal firms need to ensure their technology supports their processes in every way - so what’s the future of technology in the legal sector? Running all your IT in-house: the old approach Until recently, most law firms have had to manage their own IT systems. This has either meant employing a team of technical experts or paying for expensive consultants. The reliance on computer hardware an...

  • Technophobe’s Guide to: User Access Rights and Permissions

    Your business has certain responsibilities to protect data – user rights management is one part of the solution. Your firm has certain obligations under the Data Protection Act and other industry-specific regulation, governing how customer data is used. Although many firms are aware of external threats, staff can also cause problems, deliberately or accidentally. One way to prevent problems is th...

  • The technophobe’s guide to: hosted technology

    The Cloud can make IT an asset, not a drain – here’s how. If you are looking to reduce IT costs and the time you spend trying to manage it, hosted technology could be just what you need. What is it? Essentially, hosted technology is computer software or services that are looked after by another company somewhere else. Normally all your data and software is stored at your company office, but using...

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