Hyland Software Inc. is the developer of the enterprise content management (ECM) and process management software suite called OnBase. Applications of the suite are used in healthcare, financial institutions, insurance, government, higher education and manufacturing. The firm has its headquarters in Westlake, Ohio, and other offices in Lincoln, Nebraska; Irvine, California; Charlotte, North Carolina; São Paulo, Brazil; London, England; Tokyo, Japan; Andover, Massachusetts; and most recently, Salt Lake City, Utah and Tampa, Florida.


Hyland, creator of OnBase

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  • 6 things you need to know to simplify your upgrades

    From increased efficiency and productivity to security and software corrections, to staying ahead of the technological curve and maximizing your return on investment, the reasons to stay on a reasonably new version of OnBase are abundant.

  • Live from #HIMSS17: The patient-centered revenue cycle

    By integrating your healthcare organization’s core systems with a single solution, you’re empowered with a centralized, secure, electronic repository for patient info at every touch-point, ensuring that information is accurate and up-to-date.

  • Don’t get comfortable at #HIMSS17

    When people begin to think differently, when they’re open to new perspectives – and Kaul noted, when they feel they’ve got nothing to lose – innovation happens. Disruptive by nature, innovation makes people uncomfortable.

  • Live from HIMSS17: Spotlight on #WomenInTech

    How did these women get to where they are today? How did they leverage their education and experiences — such as attending a show like HIMSS — to make the move from “aspiring female leader” to their current positions. Here are their stories.

  • Live from #HIMSS17: Catch the magic at The OnBase Bar!

    Whether it’s The OnBase Bar or the Federal Health Pavilion, where you can engage in conversations about government healthcare IT, we’ve got you covered at HIMSS17. Our goal is to make the healthcare software solutions you depend on easier to use.

  • Introducing AirBase by Hyland: Simple, cloud-based document management

    While describing Hyland’s direction in “just one word” is a tough feat, I’m confident in my response. When it comes to enterprise information platforms and cloud-based applications that are powerful, yet easy to use, we’re: Experienced.

  • Why being a category leader isn’t good enough

    Every time I finished a race, my Dad would ask, “Could you have run faster?” Even when I won, he always pushed me to do my best. Here at Hyland, we adhere to the same values my Dad instilled in me: Never stop pushing yourself to become better.

  • 5 techs to watch in 2017

    Even when the computer doesn’t make the final decision, it does the leg work of analysis and comparison to make the most appropriate suggestions. That allows people who leverage that data to focus more on the work they’re meant to do.

Hyland, creator of OnBase

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  • 3 ways a case management system helps federal IT – and CIOs

    Invest in case management that is content and automation enabled so staff can see data, content and process in one place. This drives efficiency through automation, prompting staff with timers, reminders and notifications to keep processes moving.

  • How my New Year’s resolution relates to OnBase professionals

    If you have advice for learning a second language, I will trade you for advice on how to learn OnBase. Together, we will hold one another accountable, and we’ll each learn something new. Au revoir!

  • No love lost: 3 reasons to break up with your legacy ECM on Valentine’s Day

    Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a point of reflection for personal relationships alone. It should be an opportunity to evaluate business and vendor partnerships – like your relationship with your current enterprise content management provider.

  • Don’t go it alone: Augment your OnBase admin staff

    “Loaned” expert system admin resources work under your supervision to perform a wide variety of tasks, including: migrating databases from test to production, assisting with testing your disaster recovery plan and answering help desk tickets.

  • The new era of digital capture in insurance

    Digital capture in insurance was once relatively simple. It was all about imaging documents – scan a document, index and provide keywords, and then store it in a repository where it would be available for use in the enterprise.

  • Beyond paperless: Moving toward a more strategic workforce

    Digital technology has transformed the way we do business, and its presence is especially apparent in front office and customer-facing transactions. But all too often, the back office is neglected when it comes to paperless initiatives, and organizations are leaving money on the table in the form of time- and labor-intensive processes.

Hyland, creator of OnBase

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  • Five keys to a federal digital transformation

    Recently, the General Accountability Office (GAO) released a sobering view of federal agency budgets and the financial effect of legacy systems on IT expenditures. About 75% of funds now go towards keeping dated hardware and software solutions running.

  • Why I’m wearing flats at #HIMSS17

    My goal is to further enhance the ways we communicate how we can – and do – help healthcare organizations to proactively manage the main themes HIMSS17: cybersecurity, interoperability, revenue cycle, federal healthcare and payer.

  • 6 insights from the OnBase Summit EMEA for 2017 and beyond

    Thanks to our customers, partners and the Hyland team, the OnBase Summit EMEA turned out to be just amazing.

  • Come see me at the Federal Health IT Solutions Pavilion at #HIMSS17

    Please find me at #HIMSS17 to discuss your agency’s needs for ECM solutions and enterprise information platform technology. I’ll be in the Federal Healthcare IT Solutions Pavilion, or answering questions and having discussions in booth 1379.

Hyland, creator of OnBase

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Hyland, creator of OnBase

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  • 5 ways to stay in control of content sharing

    The right secure file sharing solution allows you to set role-based security settings and empowers your IT department with control over who can share content, what content they can share and who they can share it with.

  • What do you do when you are winning? You double down

    After winning Best in KLAS for document management and imaging two years in a row, we decided it was time to double down. Double down on our customer experience. Double down on the value our software provides customers. Double down on our commitment.

  • Celebrating New Year reunions and preparing for success

    Chinese New Year is China's most important traditional festival. It is a time to celebrate a year of hard work and to wish for a prosperous new year.

  • James Bond and the Hyland Cloud

    We currently host more than 4.3 billion documents—and counting. More than 700 customers in 26 countries trust their data in the Hyland Cloud. They count on our solution as a mature and sophisticated hosting architecture. And James Bond can’t get in.

  • Taming the Wild, Wild West: Point of Care image capture in its natural habitat

    If caregivers acquire images outside the radiology workflow process, maintaining quality and knowing how they are associated to patients is a gamble. It was a main form of recreation in the 19th Century, but gambling and healthcare do not go together.

  • Put your documents on the map

    No matter where the user begins—Esri or OnBase—the ability to map content to create a full picture of the information is extremely powerful, increasing the speed and impact of business decisions.

  • 5 process tips to avoid “What have you done for me lately?” syndrome

    Are your customers and members singing this tune as they walk through your doors or while logging into your online banking portal? Let’s hope not. Because if you aren’t continuously trying to get better, they might start hearing it in their heads.

  • Lessons from the slopes: Skiing and business processes

    With the pressure to do more for students increasing, does it feel like your institution just rode the chairlift for the first time? Now you’re at the top of the hill, looking down at all the complicated process that you need to automate.

  • Greener grass and Fortune’s “30 Best Workplaces in Tech” list

    Leaders recognize when they are selecting an enterprise solution, they are buying more than software. They are partnering with an organization they will depend upon for continuous R&D, upgrades, customer service and technical support.

  • 5 reasons why you need to provide an integrated offline working experience

    By enabling your mobile workforce to interact with and update key content while offline, you minimize process delays and ensure continuity for work. When an internet connection becomes available, you can make it available for others.

  • I’m thrilled to have been elected to AIIM’s new board of directors

    Due to the evolving nature of enterprise information management, AIIM has a unique opportunity to expand its leadership by reaching a new audience of business professionals looking for expert advice about how to best put their information to work.

  • United: Coming together at the Hyland annual meeting

    “Like mountain climbers,” said Bill Priemer, President and CEO of Hyland, “we are tethered together. In helping others, you find that you are actually helping yourself.” Because experiencing success together is what being united is all about.

  • Apply now for the spring 2017 Hy-Tech Club!

    The Hy-Tech Club is the perfect way to prepare students for potential careers in technology. If you’d like to learn from professionals at Northeast Ohio’s largest software company, we encourage you to apply today!

  • 3 tips for sabbaticals in Australia and Hawaii

    Since I work for a great company, I wasn’t surprised that a fellow Hylander volunteered to pick us up at the airport. This was nice, as it gave us somewhere to go until we could get into our hotel.

  • Why Hyland was named a “Best Channel Vendor” by partners, again

    We truly value working with an experienced group that helps us deploy the very best solutions – solutions that empower customers to become more agile, efficient and effective.

  • Address the chaos, Part 5: Information as fuel, set the competition ablaze

    As you consider technology for 2017, it’s time for you to allow your knowledge workers to be just that and leave the mundane tasks, like manual data entry, to technology. That way, you can focus on growing your business instead of your payroll.

  • Robots and printing: You’ve innovated your manufacturing centers, why not your offices?

    What if there is an enterprise information platform that uses enterprise content management (ECM) to take all of the things you like about sticky notes, highlights, and revisions of documents from the physical format to an electronic one?

  • 4 job fair tips learned by living the Hyland (college) life

    Recruiters are human too. Shocking, right? They want to have a conversation, so don’t come prepared with a script you feel compelled to stick to, word for word. Although you only have about a minute to talk, make it a fluid conversation.

  • 3 goals for every financial institution in 2017

    Nearly 70 percent of chief information officers said they plan to spend between one and 10 percent more on technology next year compared to previous years. That’s fantastic news. Because the world is becoming more digital by the day.


    Happy New Year!

  • The OnBase Blog’s top 20 posts of 2016: Part 2

    The trend immediately jumping out on this second part of the list is interest in Hyland and the people who work here. We’ll definitely be giving you more insight into that in 2017.

  • The OnBase Blog’s top 20 posts of 2016: Part 1

    2016 trends: You love CommunityLIVE – you really, really love it; you are very interested in continually learning how to improve the organizations where you work; and our international presence is not only continuing to grow, it’s picking up speed.

  • Happy holidays from Hyland!

    Happy holidays!

  • Grinnell and WPS finalists for BPM and workflow awards

    This marks the third-consecutive year that the WfMC has recognized organizations using OnBase case management capabilities. We’re extremely proud of Grinnel and WPS and the optimized services all our customers are able to provide.

  • It’s not a dream: 4 very real reasons why now is the time for transformative technology

    Whether it’s admissions processing, administrative tasks at the registrar or financial aid verification—leveraging technology clears the way for students to focus, find their paths and free themselves from time-consuming administrative tasks.

  • Hyland wins second-consecutive Candidate Experience Award

    Hiring the best candidates is crucial to the success of Hyland. So is staying loyal to our customers by providing them with exceptional service and giving them peace of mind that their data is secure. And we can’t do that without great employees

  • 3 reasons change can be the best thing for you and your career

    I have come to love change. And I promise I am not crazy because of that. I do not mean to say I am perfect at embracing it, I don’t think anyone is. But I love how it impacts me and my life and how it pushes me to evolve with it.

  • In a world of ‘fake news,’ whose info can you trust? Yours

    With one platform to manage your content, processes, and cases, you have one version of the truth. And it’s easily accessible to your employees, no matter where they’re located.

  • Removing the walls of data with OnBase

    Our vision is more than vendor neutral archive. It involves integrating clinical and business systems, solving inefficiencies, eliminating information silos and creating a single repository for all clinical, administrative and financial content.

  • Hyland named to Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for BPM-Platform-Based Case Management Frameworks

    OnBase was recently recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for BPM-Platform-Based Case Management Frameworks. This is the second year for the report, and the second consecutive year that Gartner included OnBase.

  • The digital insurer: Operationalizing your strategy

    Improving digital capabilities across the company – in marketing, distribution, underwriting, claims, and back office areas – allows insurers to be more nimble, more efficient, and more competitive.

  • Driving change: My new relationship with Uber and Workday

    Integrating OnBase with Workday consolidates and streamlines information. OnBase connects critical content with Workday transactions, ensuring staff has the most up-to-date information. That allows staff members more time to focus on student service.

  • How change management is like a Broadway play

    Much like a play, when producers, writers, and a director get together to set the framework of the project, change management begins with a dedicated change management team that defines, plans, and executes the project successfully.

  • 2016 Invoice Workflow Automation Report: Why AP orgs aren’t automating

    Organizations using invoice workflow automation software see gains in employee productivity, lower processing costs, increased visibility over liabilities, easier compliance with regulatory requirements, and fewer late payment penalties and interest.

  • The convergence of InsurTech and traditional insurance technology

    Having a modern digital platform means that the insurer must have the technology solutions to capture, route, manage, create, deliver, and analyze digital content, including both structured and unstructured data.

  • RSNA 2016: Going beyond a simple archive with OnBase

    Managing today’s healthcare environment means going beyond just images. It requires closing the information gap between patients, payers and providers. Go beyond imaging and apply workflow intelligence and turn data into impactful information.

  • 3 (satirical) reasons why custom programming is best way to create apps

    Three reasons why your developers prefer custom programming instead of using a rapid application development platform: It takes all the fun out of it, they want to build everything from scratch, and complexity is king. Or queen.

  • 5 tech suggestions for higher ed institutions in 2017

    Minimize delays in decision-making by presenting relevant data for analysis in real-time. This maximizes process improvements by highlighting trends and potential bottlenecks across campus, giving you the ability to answer student questions quicker.

  • Exploring new opportunities in the federal healthcare market

    Improved access to information for clinical and administrative content ensures the right providers have the right information, at the right time and in the right context, to help empower the right decisions for more effective patient care.

  • What #GivingTuesday means to Hyland

    In honor of #GivingTuesday, we’d like to share our nonprofit video contest. Submissions are vying to win the vote and the corresponding charities will be the beneficiaries of all the money we raise from our holiday party raffle ticket sales.

  • Building your software upgrade toolshed

    Often an overlooked part of software upgrades, OnBase has a "toolshed" of its own. It includes a number of tools to assist an admin or project manager as they make their upgrade choices.

  • Post-Turkey Day: 3 reasons I’m thankful to work with credit unions

    Just like busy mothers who purchase their prepared Thanksgiving meals from stores to make their lives easier, credit unions leverage technology to make life easier for their employees as well as banking experiences superior for their members.

  • “Insuring” bountiful thanks

    So, yes, I am even thankful for the centuries-old industry that protects us against financial loss. Because of it, even in the face of natural disasters, we have the opportunity to protect our property; to rebuild and face adversity.

  • How AP affects your bottom line, part 3: Improving visibility

    Improving visibility extends beyond the AP department and those participating in the invoice approval process. A clearer view helps managers and the C-suite better manage their organizations’ financial processes and financial health.

  • Thanks for attending the OnBase Summit | EMEA 2016!

    Between the sessions, keynote speeches, and networking opportunities, we feel like the eighth year of the OnBase Summit was the best one yet. But being true Hylanders, we’re already thinking about ways to make next year even better.

  • World Paper Free Day: Pulling the plug on paper

    Oftentimes, missing documents are not identified until well into the loan process. This opens the door for other lenders to win the business. By digitizing documents, you capture information, make it instantly available and standardize processes.

  • Why go mobile? Work where your work is!

    With the ability to ingest photos into a database, users can also complete and sign forms via a touch screen, making decisions on the go and taking control of content management. You can even provide offline access to those who need it.

  • Software integrations: Essential to Horry County’s IT strategy

    “We noticed a 50 percent efficiency increase on iPad users versus paper users,” Oliver said. “That’s really exciting to see. It’s changing the way we do business at the county.”

  • The Wachter Review: A clinical analysis

    A theme that resonated throughout the review was the emphasis on clinical engagement. Specifically, Dr. Wachter recommended that more time and money needed to be spent supporting clinicians to become health informatics leaders.

  • Address the chaos, part 4: 3 ways to embrace mobile madness

    Suddenly, mobile workers don’t impede a process because of the risk and time involved in collecting and sharing information. Instead, they improve, speed and trigger processes from wherever they are.

  • Information: The lifeblood of insurance

    As systems are modernized to meet the demands of today’s consumers, you need to consider information platforms as vital organs within architectural designs. Because your organization needs to manage an increasing amount of information every day.

  • Get the most out of the OnBase Summit | EMEA

    Hello and welcome to the eighth-annual OnBase Summit! We hope you find the conference as inspiring and educational as we always do. Here are four tips to help you get the most out of the experience.

  • Brandenburg Gate: A symbol of unity as we head to the OnBase Summit | EMEA

    For me, the Brandenburg gate has taken on new meaning. Now, it stands as an invitation for us to walk through it into a new world of efficiency and effectiveness. Are you coming with me?

  • Hyland named a Leader in 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for ECM

    We’re proud to be recognized as a Leader. We’re also proud of the work we do to earn that spot. A big part of that is listening to customers, understanding their issues, and then working with them to develop repeatable solutions to those issues.

  • We’re (paper) free, to do what we want!

    Once you pick a department, don’t let budget concerns hold you back. AIIM research indicates a payback period of 12 months or less for 50 percent of capture adopters, with two-thirds achieving payback in 18 months or less.

  • 13 great things to do in Berlin while at the OnBase Summit | EMEA

    So, you’re heading to Berlin for the OnBase Summit. After you’re done learning all about enterprise content management or establishing important business connections, make sure to check out some of these great opportunities.

  • Paperless in the cloud: Taking data security to the next level

    If an organization’s physical building is burgled or burns down, much will be lost; but if information is in the cloud, preserved in an off-site data center and secondary backup location, business can be back up and running in no time.

  • The upgrade symphony: Putting together your dream team

    I've never conducted a symphony, but I have performed in one and have been a project manager for many software upgrades. Both orchestras and upgrades require precise actions from key players with deliberate timing to produce a beautiful melody.

  • Paperless NHS 2020 countdown: Clinical engagement matters

    There are less than 1,200 days until the NHS’ “Paper Independence Day”. That’s not much time, but with strong clinical engagement, it’s achievable. In the end, the goal is to enable our clinicians to deliver better care to patients.

  • Find your guide at the OnBase Summit | EMEA 2016

    Reaching the summit in the business world requires the same strategy as climbing a mountain. Sometimes, the best way to achieve it is by engaging expert guides who’ve been to the summit and back – repeatedly.

  • Women in Tech conference turned my doubt into confidence

    Speakers emphasized the importance of finding a mentor. They talked about community outreach efforts and teaching young people to code. I began to feel empowered. What if I could share my knowledge and experience with others?

  • Boo! Five frightening business considerations within your control

    Celebrating World Paper Free Day, here are five reasons why you should consider a paper-free business environment: disaster recovery and business continuity, workplace hazards, combustible materials, document retention fines, and efficiency.

  • Inspiring big thinking at AHIMA16

    At AHIMA, we presented a solution that not only enabled Loma Linda to release converted documentation in a repeatable, automated fashion, but it was also able to reduce the need to perform releases by 70 percent in less than six months!

  • How AP affects your bottom line, part 2: Improving access

    “Our guys could be out in corn fields, on tractors or on the road,” said Sharon Hollfelder, Accounts Payable Manager at Hartung Brothers, Inc. “They get their phone or iPad out and can review and approve invoices right there, wherever they are.”

  • #GuidewireConnections: Driving better outcomes for workers’ compensation

    With Guidewire and OnBase working together, you can make defined guidelines for suggested treatment protocols immediately available at the time of diagnosis, enabling injured workers to have treatment plans in their hands.

  • #GuidewireConnections and the cloud part 2: No two clouds created equal

    The best cloud offering provides a seamless experience to the user while also providing best practice approaches to providing the highest performance of solution that easily integrates with your other important solutions, like Guidewire.

  • #GuidewireConnections and the cloud part 1: Once taboo, now embraced

    More than $1 trillion in IT spending will be directly or indirectly affected by the shift to cloud computing during the next five years. This will make it one of the most disruptive forces of IT spending since the early days of the digital age.

  • The critical battle to secure your electronic health records

    In the last two years, 89 percent of healthcare organizations have experienced at least one breach that resulted in a loss of patient data. That’s why we develop our solutions – and their robust security settings – to make them easy to configure.

  • Why Australia needs ECM for digital transformation

    How can local government realize these savings, improve service delivery wait times and move online? Or to put it another way, with both costs and expectations as incentives, how can Australia achieve a digital transformation? Simple. ECM.

  • #GuidewireConnections: The big bad wolf who huffed and puffed

    Like the little pig whose house didn’t collapse, you need to be able to withstand the ever-changing winds. Luckily, you can quickly build a house of strong bricks with the OnBase Accelerators for Guidewire.

  • 3+ great reasons to attend the OnBase Summit | EMEA 2016

    Learn how enterprise content management technology securely delivers the right information to the right people, when and where they need it, and how a true enterprise information platform can help your organisation reduce IT sprawl.

  • 3 things I learned in 1 hour with a higher ed CIO and Deputy CIO

    To prepare for EDUCAUSE 2016, we hosted a live social media chat with the CIO and Deputy CIO of Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C). Here are the top three things I learned.

  • How customers securely share documents and improve collaboration

    By implementing a cloud-based file sharing tool, organizations take advantage of secure, online file sharing – internally and externally – while ensuring they retain ownership and control of any shared information.

  • Can’t wait to get to San Francisco: #GuidewireConnections

    I can already feel the energy as I think about the five days together with insurance industry leaders from around the world. Guidewire Connections has become the premier gathering where leading insurers and best-of-breed technology vendors meet.

  • After #CommunityLIVE, where do we go from here?

    A Hyland Enterprise Assessment allows companies like yours to make more informed decisions, empowering you to take the first step toward a multi-year technology strategy and roadmap.

  • Craft your roadmap to success with My OnBase Planner

    We built My OnBase Planner to help you understand what solutions are available, appreciate how they will deliver return on investment, and show decision makers how to increase efficiency and effectiveness with this investment.

  • Synchronous upgrades vs. IPUP: Two paths, one destination

    IPUP is similar to a family car trip; the goal is to make sure every piece of your solution arrives at the upgrade version safely. You avoid dangerous shortcuts and do extra planning to ensure the safety of each "member" of your family (solution).

  • Don’t miss these keynote speakers at the OnBase Summit | EMEA

    The OnBase Summit is a great opportunity to attend more than 20 break-out sessions covering the latest in ECM and enterprise information platform technology. You also don’t want to miss insights into the EMEA market during our keynote speeches.

  • Movin’ on up with an OnBase career

    You hear enterprise content management and you think it’s just a minor application,” said O’Rourke. “Yet OnBase is a huge application, with 300 different modules, and it fits into any industry, worldwide. You can use it anywhere, for anything.”

  • 10 things I learned in 1 day at the 2016 #HRTechConf: Part 2

    Network-based services like Uber and Airbnb have moved us from a concentrated economy to a distributed economy. What does this mean for HR? People want to connect, share, and contribute. It’s HR’s job to facilitate that.

  • 10 things I learned in 1 day at the 2016 #HRTechConf: Part 1

    Human resources owns all the data and programs that keep employees working and engaged, so it's HR's responsibility to put in place systems and processes that enable agility and adaptability as the workforce and organization changes.

  • #SummerSixteen: Celebrating personal and career milestones

    Summer began with the most exciting sporting moment in Cleveland history, followed by a sabbatical and the celebration of a 20-year partnership with a beloved customer. Three themes tied it together: Long-term loyalty, perseverance and reward.

  • Excellent student service + real job connections = successful students

    With my long history in higher education, you can imagine how proud I was when I heard we were working with Tri-C to create this program to help students get real jobs. This is a shining example of community colleges at their best.

  • Why you should attend OnBase Summit | EMEA

    The OnBase Summit brings together enterprise content management users, developers, executives and experts from across Europe, Middle East and Africa for in-depth discussions and sessions suitable for both IT and business professionals.

  • 5 ways to get the most out of OnBase training and resources

    Each time I offer advice about OnBase training, I find myself reviewing our many amazing resources looking for information. While these may be resources you’re already aware of, here are some often-overlooked features.

  • Using a contract management solution to keep the drinks flowing

    You can be proactive and do things like negotiate new terms or early-payment discounts or you can rely on a limited contract management solution. One might cause you to drink. …But only if you renewed the contract.

  • It’s Customer Appreciation Week at Hyland!

    Over the last 25 years, we’ve also earned the reputation as a leader in customer engagement. Our customers not only expect us to deliver quality solutions, they demand it. And it’s rewarding to help these people do great things.

  • How AP affects your bottom line, part 1: Improving efficiency

    Automating invoice processing with enterprise content management (ECM) eliminates the excessive time and errors that result from paper-driven AP processes, like manually entering invoice data and indexing information from paper files.

  • 4 lessons about success from Hawaii and the #CommunityLIVE Executive Forum

    To be successful anywhere, you have to know the rules – both the stated and unstated ones. You can’t lead if no one wants to follow you.

  • Choose your own upgrade adventure

    The goal is to empower you with a highly configurable upgrade process. We can make suggestions, but you will know your businesses better than we do and are most capable of making the right decisions toward mitigating risk and maximizing results.

  • There’s an app for that – The IT challenge in the app generation

    So how do you solve your IT challenges in the era of apps? Change the search from apps (individual solutions) to a platform that can check off several boxes with a single investment: Proven solution, flexibility, case management and security.

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