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  • Switch it up! Protein Rotation

    Imagine eating the same meal all day, every day for days, weeks, months, even years. At first, eating your favorite food repeatedly can be awesome and exciting but after a while you’ll grow tired of it. You may even get sick from eating it. The same thing goes for your dog so, don’t be afraid to change things up a […]

Hungry Hound Boutique and Grooming

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  • Chew on this: Bully Sticks

        Bully Stick dog chews  sold at Hungry Hound are made from 100% natural fibrous beef or buffalo muscle and are fully digestible and a great source of protein.  Pictured above is Cassidy enjoying a bully stick at Hungry Hound after a visit with Dr. Dan.  Cassidy could not wait to get home to enjoy this delicious chew!  Also pictured […]

  • Chew on this: Bully Sticks

        Bully Stick dog chews  sold at Hungry Hound are made from 100% natural fibrous beef or buffalo muscle and are fully digestible and a great source of protein.  Pictured above is Cassidy enjoying a bully stick at Hungry Hound after a visit with Dr. Dan.  Cassidy could not wait to get home to enjoy this delicious chew!  Also pictured […]

Hungry Hound Boutique and Grooming

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  • Hungry Hound is hiring!

    Hungry Hound is looking for animal loving superstars to join our team. Hungry Hound promotes natural products, offers grooming services, and sells the finest merchandise available for dogs. This is the perfect job for someone looking to meet new pups all day, every day, and help them look and feel their best. If you think you can add to our already […]

  • A tasty treat loaded with benefits!

    This tasty treat has a ton of phenomenal benefits for your dog. Bone broth is rich in many nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins including: vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, iron, thiamin, potassium, calcium, silicon, magnesium, glucosamine, glucosamine chondroitin sulfates, phosphorus, and trace minerals. What a list, and I’m not finished! Bone broth helps leaky gut and digestive issues as […]

  • Sign up now for K9 Nose Work Classes!

    We are starting Nose work classes! What is Nose Work? K9 Nose Work is a fairly new recreational activity dog owners can enjoy with their canine companions. It evolved from the training professional scent detection dogs receive. Fun nose work encourages your dog’s natural drive to hunt, coupled with their special talent for picking up scents and finding their source. […]

  • Lets talk about YOUR allergies!

    So, let’s talk allergies, and no I don’t mean your pets allergies… I mean yours! I know many people who are allergic to dogs but are dying to own one. Or people who recently adopted a dog and discovered they’re allergic. Did you know if your pet is on a high quality healthy pet food you could possibly no longer […]

  • Cinnamon used for what???

    I was browsing the Honest Kitchen website when I came across some interesting information. There are two types of cinnamon and only one that is safe for dogs. Chinese Cinnamon Tree (its bark is used to make Cassia Cinnamon) which has higher levels of courmarin and could pose a potential health risk to your pooch.  Ceylon cinnamon tree (its bark […]

  • Did you know: 1 in 10 dogs born will ever find a home 2.7 million dogs and cats are put down every year 25% of dogs in shelters and rescues are purebreds 90% of pets found in shelters are not spayed or neutered Adopting from a shelter or rescue saves a life Homeless pets out number homeless people 5 to […]

  • Adoption Boo!bilee

    Plus the girls of Hungry Hound will be having their bake sale by donation only! All proceeds will go to a rescue group or 2 in need!  Come out and have fun and maybe find a new friend!        

  • BOO!bilee OCTOBER 25th !

    Please join us Sunday October 25th for our 3rd annual Adoption Jubilee!  This year we are having a Halloween themed event complete with pet photos and a costume contest.  Winners will receive gift cards to Hungry Hound.  Grab your best costume and your best pet and jon the fun!

  • Hungry Hound Hobart’s 2nd birthday party was a huge success!

    Once again our amazing customers suprised us and made our birthday party in Hobart bigger and better than last year!  Thanks so much to all of you that came out.  It was great to see familiar faces and to also get to know some new ones!  Macy, Elyse, Kristin, Apryl and I are so honored to have been able to […]

  • Chew on this: Antlers

      Elk and Deer antlers are long lasting chews with so many health benefits.  Hungry Hound sells both split and whole antlers.  We recommend split antlers for dogs trying them for the first time and also for puppies and seniors and find whole antlers to be perfect for aggressive chewers.  Both are great for scraping tarter from your pet’s teeth and give your […]

  • Hungry Hound Hobart is turning 2!
  • Carsick Pet?

    Does your dog get carsick? Some dogs, just like humans, have issues with the motion in a car and will vomit or be uneasy during car rides. Some dogs are stressed and nervous because they are worried about the ultimate destination (think vet, nail trims, boarding). Your pooch may not vomit, but may still suffer from carsickness or motion sickness. […]

  • Tips for Walking your Dog

    Exercising your dog is important. One of the best ways to get exercise – even for yourself – is to take your dog for a walk. Here are a few quick tips for walking your dog. Commit. Keep this going. Choose a time and stick with it! Choose the right collar and leash. One that fits your dog. And a […]

  • Brushing your Dog’s Teeth. It’s Important.

    It’s probably not your favorite thing to do, OR your canine friend’s, but it needs to be done. Bad breath isn’t just a sign that your dog ate the cat food…it could mean serious problems. No matter what the big brand dog food companies try to tell you, dry dog food does NOT clean their teeth. That’s like saying that […]

  • Getting your dog ready for summer – a checklist

    Planning a trip with your fur-friend? Or just going to visit a friend’s pool or the beach? Either way, be prepared by checking these items off your list. A great big thanks to The Bark Magazine for this wonderful list!   Homework: Check the rules and regulations and make a list of dog parks, vets and even hotels at your […]

  • Here’s the reason why we don’t sell retractable leashes = they’re dangerous

    Ever been through our Hobart or St. John stores and wandered past the leashes? We have plenty of leashes with bling, colorful leashes, leashes made of leather, superhero leashes and so much more. But, you won’t find a retractable leash on our shelves. Why you wonder? Well, we actually don’t recommend them and in fact they can be downright dangerous! […]

  • Stella & Chewy’s issues voluntary recall July 4, 2015

    This week, the State of Maryland reported that they tested a specific lot of Stella & Chewy’s freeze dried chicken dinners which tested positive for listeria monocytogenes.  There have been no reports of illness. On July 4th, out of an abundance of caution, Stella & Chewy’s has decided to voluntarily recall this specific lot (#111-15) and product that was produced […]

  • How to Battle Ticks – and other pests

    It’s that dreaded time of year AGAIN! When the weather cooperates, we like to enjoy time outside with our favorite four-legged pals. I don’t know about you, but, I dread tick season, despise mosquitoes and fear fleas. Ever since a flea solution burned my cat’s hair off, I’ve been looking for alternative (and natural) flea and tick solutions. If you’re […]

  • We need YOU to join us!

    It’s that time of year again! Join us for the Paws in the Park benefiting the Humane Society of Calumet Area on June 6th in Highland, Indiana. We will be putting together a team of wonderful, generous individuals and their canines; walk with us and help raise necessary funds for the animals at the Humane Society! Won’t you join us? […]

  • Curcumin – A miracle spice!

    So, what’s so great about Curcumin (Tumeric)? A TON of things! Curcumin is an orange spice which some of us cook with! But did you know if you added to your dog’s food it can really benefit them!? The prime ingredient in Curcumin acts as a natural pain reliever for dogs. It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory, especially for […]

  • Nail Trimming Tips

    Use these techniques recommended by the American Kennel Club for trimming your furry-friend’s nails; but first, make sure you have the right tools. Hungry Hound has different sizes of clippers for any size dog. Step One: Being careful not to squeeze your dog’s paw, pick up one paw and firmly but gently place your thumb on the pad of the […]

Hungry Hound Boutique and Grooming

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  • Why is pumpkin so good for your pet?

    All of us here at Hungry Hound are always singing the praises of adding canned pumpkin to your pet’s diet.  Pumpkin can be a life saver for those of us pet Mom’s who have spent endless nights of taking the dog out to potty when he/she has a bout of diarrhea.  What else can the super food pumpkin help with? […]

  • On our shelves: Orijen and Acana

      Hungry Hound is proud to carry Orijen and Acana!                        We have chosen  3 Orijen and 3 Acana varieties to add to our already fantastic selection of healthy and nutritious foods.  Starting this week, you will find Orijen Adult, Orijen 6 Fish, and Orijen Senior on our shelves as well as Acana Ranchlands, Acana Wild Prairie, and Acana […]

  • Dog Food Recalls

      To our Hungry Hound customers: Amongst several brands that we do not carry, the current dog food recall is affecting: Taste of the Wild (all varieties) and Natural Balance Bison and Sweet Potato. Both are manufactured by Diamond Pet Foods. Diamond Pet Foods, the maker of Taste of the Wild, has expanded their recent recall to include more of their products manufactured […]

  • Micro Chipping Clinic on Saturday, May 12

        Have you always wanted to get your pet micro-chipped but haven’t had the time to make the trip to the vet?  Well, wait no longer!   Come to the Hungry Hound on Saturday, May 12th from 12 Noon – 3 PM and get your pet micro-chipped by the South Suburban Humane Society for only $20!   No appointment is necessary.  It takes […]

  • Family Fridays – Meet the Hungry Hound Team

      Say hello to Debbie!Part of the Hungry Hound family since March 2008     Just like the rest of the gals, seeing all the sweet dogs that visit us is my favorite thing about working at the Hungry Hound.  They are all angels! My family and I have three smart and loving Shih Tzus at home.  Emmie, our four-year-old, is so playful and happy all ther time.  Ginger, our […]

  • Good Dog treats on sale now!

      Pick up a box of Sojos Good Dog treats now and get them for 20% off!  Available in four different flavors – all are Wheat and Corn FREE.  Look for them on the front counter.  On sale thru May 12th or while quantities last.     

  • Scent of the Month

      The scent of the month is Soda Shoppe.  It’s hard to describe this fun, fresh scent.  It sort of smells like a Cherry Coke or an old fashioned strawberry soda but I don’t think that description does it justice.  You and your dogs will just have to experience this one for yourself when you bring your dogs in for grooming! […]

  • Makeover Mondays

      Mollie before…        and Mollie after!        It’s so nice to see those beautiful eyes again, Mollie!  Our groomer, Edie, did a fantastic job cleaning up this cutie.  With her new shorter cut, you can really notice the beautiful markings on Mollie’s coat.   Nice job Edie!   Do you have a fun and exciting spirit and want a look for […]

  • cute dog alert!

      Just showing off some of the angels that have visited the store recently… cute overload!   We hope to see you all again soon!                                                                                                

  • Our anniversary party recap

      Now that we’ve had a little time to recuperate, we would like to thank everyone for coming out to celebrate our 7th Anniversary with us.  It was so awesome to see all of our favorite customers and to be able to offer such great deals on your pet’s food and treats.  We’d also like to congratulate the lucky winners of the raffled baskets.  Enjoy all […]

  • There ain’t no bugs on me

      Protect your pets from ticks and fleas with natural products!  With the warmer than normal Winter and Spring we’ve had here in the Midwest, bugs are going to be bad this Summer.  Stop in today and get your pets all the protection they’ll need to stay happy and healthy.  First up, Pet Naturals’ pre-moistened towelettes for dogs and cats.  […]

  • Makeover Mondays

      Our groomer Heather made this Yorkie-Poo puppy look like a new dog!  Floyd had a combo of puppy hair and some new adult hair so his mom let us give him a shorter look while his adult coat continues to grow in.   Heather chose the perfect brush for Floyd’s mom to use at home and gave her some tips so she can keep Floyd looking great and free from […]

  • Martingale Collars

      Always in stock at Hungry Hound, Martingale dog collars are also known as double loop collars.  The Martingale was originally designed for Sighthounds (ie, Greyhounds, Whippets, Italian Greyhounds, Borzoi, Saluki, etc) because their necks are larger than their head and they can slip out of traditional side release dog collars.  Martingales have gained popularity as training dog collars with othe...

  • Family Fridays – Meet the Hungry Hound Team

      Say hello to Brittney!Part of the Hungry Hound family since January of 2011     As part of the Hungry Hound team, one of my favorite things is seeing all the different breeds that visit our store… especially the Bernese Mountain Dog, Great Pyrenees, and Japanese Chin!  I cannot resist petting every single dog that walks through our door. I’ve got […]

  • Get ready for those rainy days

      Rain in the forecast?  No problem!  Keep your pets dry in one of these cute lime green or pink raincoats.  Classic yellow and red coats are available too.   Stop in today to see our assortment of sizes.  You can always bring Fido along to try them on and get the perfect fit.

  • makeover mondays

      Elizabeth before…   and Elizabeth after! Elizabeth is one gorgeous Maltese!  With some help from our groomer, Debbie, she is now all pretty and ready for her journey to her new forever home in North Carolina.  This is just one of the many success stories from our customers that work to help wonderful dogs find new families.  We admire Elizabeth’s foster mom, Alice, for her hard work […]

  • April is Pet First Aid Awareness Month

      Vetericyn products are must haves for every pet owner and perfect for any pet’s first aid kit.  Vetericyn is steroid-free, antibiotic-free and non-toxic making it safe if licked after application.     Vetericyn is our favorite product to treat wounds, infections, and irritations.  You can use it for Hot Spots, Rain Rot, Rashes, Post-Surgical Sites, Burns, Cinch Fungus, Ring Worm, Skin Infections...

  • bling!

      Hello glamour!   Make your dog sparkle with one of these stunning collars.  We can also add some bling to your dog’s ears!  Bling…we have it!                                                              Thanks to our model, Rockit, for showing off her sparkly ears.  The adhesive we use to apply the rhinestones is safe for your pet so you don’t […]

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