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  • A Few Interesting Cockroach Facts

    I know what you’re thinking – that there’s absolutely nothing interesting about cockroaches. But that’s where you’re wrong. Sure, cockroaches are less than appetizing and they’re definitely not the kind of creature you want to share your home with, but you have to admire their resilience. After all, people have been trying to rid the […]

  • The Ultimate Guide to German Cockroaches

    With over 4000 different species of cockroaches in the world, there’s a lot to learn about this little creature. The problem is understanding where to start. Well, if you have encountered a cockroach anywhere in the world it’s probably not some exotic species because there’s an overwhelming chance it’s just one kind of cockroach: the […]

  • Are You Attracting Termites?

    There are plenty of things in the world you want to attract, but termites definitely are not one of those things! But how can you be expected not to entice termites when you don’t even know what draws them to your home in the first place? Well, prepare to be educated about exactly how a […]

  • Rodent Infestations: What is Your Risk?

    Staying healthy during the ravages of cold and flu season can be a real chore, but many people worry about these illnesses without giving much thought to a much bigger health threat: rodents. During the colder months of the year, rodents seek refuge inside many homes. In fact, it’s estimated that 21 million homes are […]

  • What You Never Knew About Mice

    Mice – they can be interesting. Cinderella would never have made it to the ball without the help of her little rodent friends, after all. While mice aren’t known for their sewing skills in real life, they are pretty interesting in their own right. Here are a few mesmerizing mice facts you may not know […]

  • The Most Common Spiders Lurking in Your Home

    Are you sitting? Because we’re going to talk about something that might just give you the willies: spiders. There are over 3000 different types of spiders in North America, and some of them like the food supply and warmth your home provides them. If you run across a spider in your home while you’re eating […]

Green Army, Pest and Termite Professionals

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  • Do You Have a Raccoon in Your Home?

    What is that scratching sound? What’s that crazy noise coming from your attic or crawl space? It might just be a raccoon. If you want to be able to fight the enemy you first have to know what to look for. Here at Green Army, we want you to be prepared. So, here’s everything you […]

  • Active Winter Pests

    Active Winter Pests If you live in and around Austin, Texas, then you know it (thankfully) doesn’t get as cold as the rest of the country in the winter. But, it does cool down during the winter months, and that cool down can drive pests from the outside to inside your home. As a homeowner, […]

  • Who You Gonna Call?

    It’s not unheard of in the pest control business to get a phone call from a homeowner that is…hearing things. That rustling noise in your attic? It might just be a raccoon trying to become your new roommate. The noises coming from your walls? It might just be a mouse colony the size of Nebraska. […]

  • Winter Pests to Be on the Lookout For!

    Winter Pests to Be on the Lookout For! Just because temperatures drop doesn’t mean you don’t have to be on the lookout for pests in your home! Winter is definitely not a time to let your guard down. Here are five pests you need to be on the lookout for this winter and what you […]

  • Prep Your Home Right for Winter

    Prep Your Home Right for Winter Preparing your home for winter is meant to keep the warmth in and everything else – including pests – out! Still, you may be unknowingly doing things to your home and garden as your prepare for winter that is attracting pests rather than repelling them. Here are a few […]

  • What is a Boxelder Bug?

    What is a Boxelder Bug? The boxelder bug is probably the biggest nuisance you’ve never heard of. They can become a big problem for you if they infest your home or business. Here’s what you need to know about the boxelder bug so you can keep them out of your space. Get to Know the […]

  • Winter Pests: What You Need to Know – Part Two

    German Cockroaches This is the most common cockroach species in the world, and definitely something you don’t want moving into your home. They look for places that provide a source of food and water for them, and they are so prevalent that they can get into your home by being transferred from used appliances, grocery […]

  • Winter Pests: What You Need to Know – Part One

    When the winter weather arrives, you’re probably celebrating the exit of the flying, biting insects outside. Well, don’t pull out your party hat just yet. While some pests do make an exit in the winter months, there are plenty more that want to move into your warm and toasty home for shelter. Here are some […]

  • Tips to Avoid Raccoon Infestation

    Tips to Avoid Raccoon Infestation Raccoons can be a problem – a problem you need to deal. The best raccoon defense is a good raccoon offense, which is why here at Green Army we want to arm you with the information you need to win the war you might not know you’re waging against raccoons […]

Green Army, Pest and Termite Professionals

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  • What August Has Left Behind in Your Yard

    August is usually a wet month across the United States, but this year it was even worse. The weather provides a boon to your lawn and creates lush grasses, but it also is a boon to the pests that reside there. Here’s what you can do to try and keep those August showers from creating […]

Green Army, Pest and Termite Professionals

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  • The Capybara: Florida’s Newest Pest

    Florida is home to a lot of things – a lot of things that don’t belong there at all. From peacocks raiding trash cans to African land snails that eat the stucco off the outside of homes, people who make the Sunshine State their home see their fair share of invasive species. And now a […]

  • Controlling Pest Populations with Science!

    Science has provided people with a lot of fantastic things, and now you can add controlling pest populations to that list. Scientists have been working to reduce populations of pests by genetically modifying them, essentially creating an entire population of modified male pests that suppresses the entire population! Sounds like a science fiction story, but […]

  • How You Can Fight Spiders

    You probably want to the only thing living in your home. Spiders are usually unwelcome and uninvited guests. Many people don’t realize there are ways you can keep spiders out of your home – you don’t just have to put up with their presence. Here are a few strategies to help keep spiders from making […]

  • How to Get Rid of Roaches in Your Home

    Roaches – they are a nuisance. Not only are they not the roommates you want to share your home with, they also carry disease and can make the inhabitants of your home sick. Get rid of roaches in your home once and for all by following these easy elimination tips. What to Target When you […]

  • Fighting Bedbugs in Your Home

    Bedbugs – just the name strikes fear in the hearts of people everywhere. That fear is not misplaced, because bedbugs can be very easy to pick up and bring into your home, but incredibly difficult to get out once they’ve moved in. This is why if you have bedbugs, you need professional help. What the […]

  • Research to Help Honeybees

    Honeybees are incredibly important to our ecosystem, and in recent years it has been discovered just how devastating the impact of pesticides has been on the bee population. Without pollinators like bees, humans wouldn’t be able to produce the crops we need, so it’s important to find a way to both protect the food humans […]

  • What Happens When You Dump Your Goldfish in a Lake?

    Goldfish are seen as pretty innocuous creatures. After all, they’re reported to have a memory of fewer than 3 seconds, so how dangerous can they really be? Well, it turns out if you find you don’t want to keep your pet goldfish and decide to dump Goldie into a local lake, you’re creating a big […]

  • How to Identify Pests in Your Garden

    If you want to keep pests out of your yard you need more than a pest control professional, you need to be able to identify the pests. You can find a lot of information in books and online about common pests in the garden, but here are few tips to get you started! The Damage […]

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