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  • New Testament Verbs of Communication

    I have added Paul Danove’s New Testament Verbs of Communication: A Case Frame and Exegetical Study to the bibliography. Danove has been developing his Case Frame analysis since the mid 1990s, and along the way he has contributed significantly to our understanding of the argument structure of Hellenistic Greek verbs. It is good to see this new … Continue reading "New Testament Verbs of Communicatio...

  • Additions to the Bibliography

    I have added The Greek Verb Revisited to the bibliography here at Each of the papers contained in the book now also has its own entry in the bibliography. I just found out today that the book is available for Kindle. You can read it on any device with the Kindle app.

  • γραφὴ ζῶσα Living Language in the Written Word

    I’m looking forward to tomorrow (November 19, 2016)! Jonathan Robie and I will present our ongoing work on the communicative Koine Greek course, γραφὴ ζῶσα. Our presentation will take place at the 1:00 pm session of the Global Education and Research Technology section of the Society of Biblical Literature (SBL). We will demonstrate the results of combining technology with best practices … Continue...


    A colleague recently ask me about Biraud’s treatment of determiners in Ancient Greek and its implications for the DP hypothesis (Determiner Phrase hypothesis). I had not seen the book in over a decade, so I put my colleague off until I could find a copy. I found one in a nearby library and it seems to confirm … Continue reading "LA DETERMINATION DU NOM EN GREC CLASSIQUE by Michele Biraud"

  • Second-position clitics and the syntax-phonology interface

    David M. Goldstein (UC Los Angeles) has uploaded a paper on second-position clitics in Classical Greek to He wrote the paper with Dag T. T. Haug (University of Oslo) using Lexical Functional Grammar as their framework and proposing some revision to the theory on the basis on their findings. The paper was presented at the Joint … Continue reading "Second-position clitics and the synta...

  • Καλὰ Χριστούγεννα 2016

    Again this year the flow of traffic that came in to this blog on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day was wonderful to see. I appreciate your visit, whether you come to learn about Greek or Greek Linguistics, or even if this time of year is the only time you visit. Peace and joy to you … Continue reading "Καλὰ Χριστούγεννα 2016"

  • Sound of 1st Century Greek: Mark 1-9

    Louis Sorenson has produced a nice reading of the first nine chapters of Mark’s Gospel following Westcott and Hort’s 1881 text using the Restored Koine pronunciation. His Let’s Read Greek website has numerous helpful resources for reading Greek texts. This is one among many. Text and audio of Mark 1-9  

  • Alan Bunning’s Textual Criticism Resources

    I’ve updated the homepage to give more prominent placement to Alan Bunning’s Center for New Testament Restoration (CNTR). The transcriptions of New Testament manuscripts he has provided are amazing. Having these available in machine-actionable form is an incredible boon to the work of textual criticism! I linked the image on the homepage directly to the manuscripts … Continue reading "Alan Bunning...

  • A fresh approach to Greek accents

    James Tauber has published a short video explaining the accentuation of Ancient Greek words in a way that is more precise than what is found in beginning grammars that deal with the issue. If you don’t follow the argument fully, just watch a second time. If you have never studied Greek accents before, here are … Continue reading "A fresh approach to Greek accents"


    You can now access this blog by typing into the address bar at the top of your browser. and now point to the same place.

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