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  • Visit Us At The Michigan Grape & Wine Conference

    From Great Lakes Label, " Join us at the Michigan Grape & Wine Conference and speak to us about our innovative labeling techniques or our label applicators!   Michigan Grape & Wine Conference Grand Traverse Resort, Acme February 22-24, 2017     See you there!   Jackie Jorgenson Connect with us on social media!          " This post, Visit Us At The Michigan Grape & Wine Conference, appeared first o...

  • CTM’s T-Base Stands

    From Great Lakes Label, " Features of CTM’s T-Base Stand One-piece base construction of welded carbon steel tubing Vertical upright construction of .250″ wall DOM Steel tubing Patented internal assembly designed for ease of vertical height adjustment All carbon steel components are coated with a rust inhibitive primer and finished with “Steel It” polyurethane paint All aluminum parts are anodized ...

  • Want Holographic Labels? Use Cast & Cure

    From Great Lakes Label, " What is Cast & Cure? Cast & Cure is a sheet of holographic style designs which presses onto the label using a flexographic printing press. When you move the label in the light, the pattern catches and showcases an entire rainbow of color. In the below examples, Cast & Cure was applied to navy blue […] " This post, Want Holographic Labels? Use Cast & Cure, appeared first o...

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  • Get Inspired: Pet Products’ Label Design

    From Great Lakes Label, " Often pet products go under the radar where packaging and labeling are concerned. We’re bringing them to the forefront this week and taking a look at inspirational designs that can influence your own. These designs also incorporate other methods we’ve looked at such as humor and use of characters in packaging design.   Packaged Pets […] " This post, Get Inspired: Pet Prod...

  • Universal’s L15 Wipe-On Labeling System

    From Great Lakes Label, "   Universal’s L15 Wipe-On Labeling System labels the tops of a variety of items, regardless of shape or size. Features: Heavy duty clutch brake. Variable speed. Photoelectric label sensing. Optional start and stop delay Specifications: Dimensions: 19.5″W x 21″ D x 22.5″H. Speed: Up to 1200″ Per Min. Web width: up to 6.5″ Label roll capacity: […] " This post, Universal’s L...

  • Clear Pharmaceutical Labeling Increases Safety

    From Great Lakes Label, " This Science Daily article states, “Past research has indicated that inadequate or confusing labeling on packages of over-the-counter (OTC) medications is a likely contributor to many unintentional overdoses, particularly among the elderly population.” By using clear pharmaceutical labeling, you better ensure customer safety.  We previously explored customer safety with r...

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  • Avoiding Label Design Clichés Creates Connected Customers

    From Great Lakes Label, " This article by Packaging World, “Scrap The Stale Female Clichés,” specifically discusses how brands portray women. It also explores why those limiting expressions don’t serve the packaging industry. Below is a video of Allison Kroller’s TED Talk where she discusses this topic in detail, looking back at the past ten years in branding and packaging design. In […] " This po...

  • Get Inspired: LOVE-ly Labels

    From Great Lakes Label, " Valentine’s Day is here and we’re ready to celebrate. To celebrate the day of love, we’re taking a look at labels that incorporate Valentine’s Day style into their design.  We’re looking at classic design incorporating pink, purple and red colors, as well as designs that use love motifs in a new way. No matter your […] " This post, Get Inspired: LOVE-ly Labels, appeared f...

  • ALTech’s ALmatic Semi-Automatic Labeling System

    From Great Lakes Label, " ALTech’s ALmatic semi-automatic labeling system applies labels to: bottles phials pots cylindrical products This system can apply labels up to eight inches in width and with a variable diameter from a minimum of one-half to a maximum of four inches. In order for the machine to function, it requires the operator to manually place the product in the […] " This post, ALTech’...

Great Lakes Label, LLC

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  • Customers’ Food Labeling Preferences

    From Great Lakes Label, " Packaging Digest recently released an article regarding the food labeling preferences of grocery store customers. Check out the below infographic created to highlight some of their key insights. You might be surprised by what you find!     Mentioned in Food Labeling Infographic: “Less than 50% indicated that they usually read the label information.” “70% […] " This post, ...

  • Customer Spotlight: Country Dairy

    From Great Lakes Label, " Country Dairy is a dairy farm located in New Era, Michigan which creates various high quality dairy products. Check out the below video to see every stage of the process, including labeling. In it, you will also get a sense of how important happy and healthy cows are to the team.   Country Dairy Tour […] " This post, Customer Spotlight: Country Dairy, appeared first on Gr...

  • Get Inspired: Dairy Label & Packaging Design

    From Great Lakes Label, " The dairy label has so far been unexplored on this blog, yet is a category that offers a lot to packaging design.  Many products opt for imageless, farm oriented, or youthful packaging designs. Today, we’re looking at dairy labels that designs using a different perspective, and challenges us to consider what is possible with dairy […] " This post, Get Inspired: Dairy Labe...

  • Do Light Colored Labels Equal Healthier Products?

    From Great Lakes Label, " According to this newKerala article, and a study published in Journal of Retailing, light colored labels lead health-conscious participants to associate products with health. It also showed that they associate it with a less tasty product as well. The study showed that without a taste test, health conscious people may overlook the packaging. On the other hand, less health...

  • MiraFoil is a Precise Design Technique

    From Great Lakes Label, " MiraFoil is a precise foiling technique which, as an ink, is applied with little waste.  Here is how designs use it to create a luxurious and stand-alone look. This technique heightens any packaging style, regardless of industry.     MiraFoil Titles on Wine Stock On the above label, you can see that MiraFoil is used over the title, subtitle, […] " This post, MiraFoil is a...

  • Get Inspired: Fun Wine Labels

    From Great Lakes Label, " We’ve looked at various types of inspiring wine labels before, but today we are examining fun wine labels that push limits. These packaging concepts play with labeling expectations to create a unique and engaging bottle.       Waldorf Wine Label Design By Dominika Suszek The transparency of the products help to showcase the twisting […] " This post, Get Inspired: Fun Wine...

  • CTM’s Continuous Feed Dual Unwind Labelers

    From Great Lakes Label, " The CTM Continuous Feed Dual Unwind Labelers are stand alone units designed to eliminate down-time associated with supply roll changeover. It is a system that aids in increasing overall production speeds. Continuous feed dual unwinds improve efficiency. It provides nonstop, uninterrupted label supply at high speeds. The continuous feed dual unwind functions as a standard ...

  • Are You Embarrassed By Your Labels?

    From Great Lakes Label, " Having a captivating label is crucial to catching the attention of customers in the grocery isle. Last year we explored many topics with regards to label creation and design. In case you missed them, here are some key posts that will take your labels to the next level.   Designing Labels Whether you are new […] " This post, Are You Embarrassed By Your Labels?, appeared fi...

  • Get Inspired: Pantone’s Greenery

    From Great Lakes Label, " Last week we discussed the impact the new Pantone color of the year, Greenery, will have on label design.  Today, we’re looking at inspiring examples of the color in use.  As you will see, no matter what industry you are in, this color creates a modern, bold and calming look.     Humble Patch Yarn Designed […] " This post, Get Inspired: Pantone’s Greenery, appeared first ...

  • Get Inspired: Labels With Vintage Design

    From Great Lakes Label, " Labels with vintage design can evoke memories or speak volumes about the kind of product is held within the packaging. To be specific, vintage labeling can create a sense of homemade goodness, ingredient simplicity or classic, never-fail recipes. Here are a few variations of vintage label design that will inspire you, and make you want […] " This post, Get Inspired: Label...

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